Sweet shelter dog loves his toys as if they were his own children (Video)

“She picked them up one at a time and carried them to her bed… “

Last month, volunteers from the animal welfare organization Viva Bicho Santos rescued a terrified stray dog found crying on the streets of Brazil. The dog, whom they named Samanta, was not only pregnant, but also in poor health.

Unfortunately, despite being in good hands, Samanta’s fragile body proved insufficient to carry her babies to term.

Her maternal instincts, on the other hand, persisted in the absence of them.


Samanta’s rescuers did everything they could to cheer her up after she lost her babies. They got her gifts in the hopes that they would help her cope with her grief.

Instead, they seemed to serve only to remind her of what she’d lost.

“We threw several toys on the floor to get her to play, but she picked them up one by one and took them to her bed,” Viva Bicho Santos wrote in a post. “Samanta adopted the toys as if they were her babies, licking and caring for them.”

It was Samanta’s bittersweet way of dealing with things:

Samanta had a lot of love to give, but the toys she adored like a caring mother would never love her back.

However, the rescuers knew of someone else who could.


Samanta’s rescuers had recently taken in Sara, a younger stray dog who appeared anxious and lonely in the absence of a parent.

As a result, it was decided that the two should meet. And both of their hearts were soon healed.


“And that’s how Samanta got a new daughter,” rescuers explained. “There will be no more crying.” “I simply adore.”


Sara and Samanta are now inseparable.


Samanta’s weakened body will take some time to recover, but thanks to Sara, her heart is also on the mend.

And, hopefully, when the time comes, Samanta and Sara will find even more love with an adoptive family in their own forever home.

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