The A2 Low-Velocity Air Drop (LVAD) Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) is unveiled by Oshkosh Defense

Osπš‘k𝚘sπš‘ Defense, LLC, an Osπš‘k𝚘sπš‘ Corporation company, is exhibiting at Association of United States Army (AUSA) 2023 exposition in Washington, D.C. from October 8 to 10, 2023. On display is the newly modernized Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) A2 Low-Velocity Airdrop (LVAD). As the premier manufacturer of medium tactical vehicles, Osπš‘k𝚘sπš‘ Defense leverages the modernized FMTV A2 to address challenging requirements related to an aging FMTV LVAD fleet.

The FMTV A2 LVAD offers the performance and protection of the FMTV A2 with critical additions, including a folding cab that allows the vehicle height to be reduced to 90β€³, a chassis designed specifically for parachute drop and landing, and the addition of a winch to all LVAD variants.

To date, Osπš‘k𝚘sπš‘ Defense has delivered two FMTV A2 LVAD prototypes to the U.S. Army for testing, with two additional prototype deliveries planned for late 2023. Since testing began, the prototypes have successfully completed Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS), RIGEX (Rigging Exercises), Rollover Loadings, and Simulated Airdrop Impact Testing (SAIT). Additional testing is planned into FY24.

The Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) is a series of military vehicles that are based on a common chassis and tailored to various payload and mission requirements. The FMTV is derived from the Austrian Steyr 12M18 truck but substantially modified to meet United States Army requirements, including a minimum of 50 percent U.S. content. There were originally 17 FMTV variantsβ€”four variants in the nominal 2.5 U.S. ton payload class, designated Light Medium Tactical Vehicle (LMTV), and 13 variants with a nominal 5 U.S. ton payload rating, called Medium Tactical Vehicle (MTV). Since the first FMTVs were fielded in January 1996, the family has been expanded and the overall design enhanced significantly.

On a model-for-model basis, the FMTV is around 3 ft. shorter while retaining a C-130 Hercules transport capability. Subject to load dimensions, all original FMTV variants are C-130 transportable at Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), and all models capable of being transported underslung by helicopter are fitted with a sling arrangement. Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System (LAPES), later revised to Low-Velocity Air Drop (LVAD) variants of A0 production LMTV and MTV variants were produced. The U.S. Army announced in February 2018 that it had selected Osπš‘k𝚘sπš‘ to build FMTV A2. In August 2021, it was announced by Osπš‘k𝚘sπš‘ that the Army’s Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC) had awarded the company a $152 million delivery order for 541 FMTV A2. The U.S. Army is expected to begin fielding the A2 FMTV variant in June 2023.

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