The amazing actual life In the 1970s, Flintstone’s home was chiseled out of many boulders

Stone House in Celorico de Basto, Northern Portugal. It is called Casa do Penedo (House of the Rock) because it was built from four large boulders that serve as the foundation, walls and ceiling of the house. Constructed in 1972.

When looking at the house snugly fitting between boulders, everyone is amazed by an extremely unique architectural masterpiece. Casa do Penedo is a “prehistoric” type of house, located in Celorico de Basto and Fafe, northern Portugal.

This house was built amidst four gigantic boulders in 1972, seamlessly blending into the surrounding natural landscape. It was created by an engineer named Guimaraes, with the intention of becoming a rustic retreat, immersing into the nature of a local family.

This architectural marvel quickly drew the curiosity of many adventurous tourists over the decades, leading the owners to relocate elsewhere.

Today, Casa do Penedo stands as a small museum, filled with artifacts and photographs depicting the history of the house and the stunning landscape around it. Despite its proximity to giant windmills, the house does not have an electrical system. Inside, the house is equipped with various amenities but is not suitable for long-term living.

The two-story house, though small, is quite cozy. The ground floor features a kitchen and a small living room, all decorated in a very rustic style, with concrete and wooden benches.

The upper floor, accessible via a wooden staircase, serves as the sleeping area. Each room in the house has a different shape, adjusted to the geometric characteristics of each boulder. Additionally, there is an outdoor swimming pool and a natural-shaped outdoor pool resembling a large boulder.

Over the years, the house has suffered some damage from weather and various factors. The current owners have reinforced the entrances and replaced some original windows, added railings, and even bulletproof glass, making the house very safe.

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