The Amazing Story of Lucky: A Special Dog with a Golden Heart

Of course, each dog is unique in his or her own way. But there’s something special about this  puppy named Lucky.

His unusual appearance makes him stick out from the rest.

Lucky is a 2-year-old Thai dog who lives with his owner, Charice Fca Cha. He was just adopted a week ago, but he’s already shown to be quite the little star.

Lucky takes the show whenever they’re out and about.

Charice told The Dodo, “There are so many reactions.” “Some individuals are taken aback, ecstatic, and surprised. People are clamoring to meet him.”

And it’s not hard to see why.

Lucky was born with heterochromia, a disorder in which the color of each eye grows differently. One of this puppy’s eyes is pale blue, while the other is brown.

But that’s not the only thing Lucky is up to.

A dark, arching patch appears over the puppy’s blue eye.

It has the appearance of a large, cartoonish brow.

Lucky is a real thing. However, once Charice shared his photo online, a tiny group of people had a hard time believing it.

“Some people think I drew his brow with a permanent marker or edited his face,” she explained.

Thankfully, Lucky is in good health, despite his external appearance. When Charice adopted him, he was a little scrawny, but she had plans to bulk him up with a better diet.

Lucky has found someone who adores him on the inside and out, and he is well aware of it.

“He’s a clingy guy,” Charice explained. “He follows me around all of the time.”

Lucky’s heart, as well as his connection with Charice, are what make him unique. With that incredibly eye-catching puppy by her side, she’s looking forward to a lifetime of love.

“I believe we will have a really exciting and joyful future,” Charice said.

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