That is the case of a baby born on the 26th in Sironj commune, Vidisha district, India. The posted video shows a woman holding a baby that is wrapped in a piece of cloth and has no arms or legs. This phenomenon is known as Tetra-amelia syndrome, also known as autosomal recessive tetraamelia or quadruple deficiency syndrome, is a very rare autosomal recessive inheritance characterized by congenital abnormalities with lack of limbs.

The baby suffered from a rare syndrome and was born without both arms and legs

Fortunately, pediatrician Suresh Aggarwal at Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Hospital, Sironj said the baby is completely healthy.

The cause of tetra-amelia syndrome is due to mutations in the WNT3 gene in humans and this is an extremely rare syndrome. According to Bhopal CMHO (India) and pediatrician Prabhakar Tiwari, this syndrome affects only 1/100,000 newborns and this is the first case he has encountered during his years of work. Meanwhile, a 2011 study by Dr. Eva Bermejo-Sanchez of the Institute of Limb Defects Research at the Carlos III Health Institute (Instituto de Salud Carlos III), Spain showed that this syndrome occurs with The ratio is about 1/71,000

Even without arms and legs, the baby is still completely healthy and normal.

With this syndrome, in many cases the lungs will be poorly or not developed, making breathing very difficult or impossible. With this baby, doctors recommended that he receive further examination to see if his internal organs are developing like normal babies.

Nicholas Vujicic, one of the world’s famous inspirational speakers, also encountered this syndrome.

One of the most famous cases of this syndrome is Nicholas James Vujicic, an Australian-Serbian evangelist and motivational speaker born in 1982. Nick has tetra-amelia syndrome congenital, born without limbs. This caused him to encounter countless obstacles and difficulties, from being bullied at school to always feeling afraid for the future and living aimlessly.

Having no hope, feeling helpless and isolated many times made him want to commit suicide. But in the end he decided to face his disability, found the important rules of his life, found his purpose and turned obstacles into opportunities. Nick travels all over the world giving motivational speeches about the life of a disabled person with hope and desire to find meaning in life and became one of the most famous speakers in the world.

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