The cyclist picks up the puppy off the road and puts it in her pocket since she is a kangaroo mother.

Meire Luce Andrade Abreu is a passionate cyclist. At the end of April, she was embarking on an adventure with a friend of hers, on the roads and trails of her hometown, Nordestina, in Brazil. 

In the midst of one of the worst storms, he could not imagine that he would become the saving angel of a poor little puppy left adrift.

Meire was devastated to see a small puppy abandoned to its fate in the middle of the road

The woman, who is a great human being, and a lover of animals, was not intimidated by the weather, and did not hesitate to interrupt her route to help the  creature in danger.

Many storms can scare us, but nothing like what awaited this puppy. Fortunately, Meire was not one of those people who passed by, he could not not do something for the fluffy that had only a few months to live.

Without hesitation, he told his companion that he would take it with him. Something that her friend thought was a crazy and far-fetched idea. 

“You don’t have a way to load it, better come back for it another day,” her friend mentioned. But she, totally incredulous that he was not as moved as she was, replied: “No. I’m not going back at all. I’ll take it now.”

So like a true kangaroo mother, with great care and delicacy, she took the puppy and placed it in the back pocket of her shirt.

It would be the only way to continue on his way, and at the same time for the little one to travel safe and protected.

Look at part of the sweet rescue that moves millions on the networks:

Meire named the puppy Thor, for having been so strong and brave. After taking him to the vet and making sure he was out of danger, he would no longer be alone in this life.

As expected, Meire not only opened the doors of her heart, but those of her home and forever, along with four other canine brothers. And she commented:

“Adopting has to be out of love, because they have feelings and they know when someone likes them or not.”

The comments of the excited Internet users were not long in coming: «What tenderness and a great gesture of humanity, the puppy looks happy, it goes as if the cyclist owned it, thank you on behalf of that furry, may God multiply it in health » wrote one person.

“You are a person with a big heart, it shows that you love human beings very much and therefore the defenseless little angels, glory to God,” said another user.

We truly thank Meire not only for her big heart, but also for her courage in standing up for her love of animals, even though if it were up to her friend, the little dog would have been left abandoned and in danger.

Do not leave without sharing with everyone this great gesture of love that is already viral.

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