The dog is blind; Two canine friends help her navigate the house (Video)

We’ve all heard of seeing-eye dogs, wonderful canine friends who support people with visual impairments. However, a blind dog in Michigan is receiving assistance from her own kind.

Jessica VanHusen realized something wasn’t right when she saw her dog Kiaya squinting at her with one eye.

VanHusen stated, “I discovered she had glaucoma, which is increased pressure in her eyes.

“We started glaucoma therapy when Kiaya first showed,” explained veterinary ophthalmologist Dr. Michael West.

For a while, the medication allowed that eye to continue seeing, but eventually, the eye had to be removed in order to relieve Kiaya’s misery. The other eye then experienced the same thing.

“It was challenging. It was incredibly challenging,” VanHusen stated.

VanHusen questioned how the 10-year-old Akita would navigate her Waterford house, but she ultimately had assistance. According to WXYZ-TV, her two other dogs, Cass and Keller, unexpectedly assumed the role of her seeing-eye dogs.

“Without them, I believe she would be lost. She is dependent on them. They bump up against her as they enter from the backyard. They assist her “Added VanHusen.

VanHusen hopes that by sharing her experience, she can demonstrate to others the value of giving special-needs animals a chance. Her dogs, particularly Kiaya, provide as a constant source of inspiration for her.

VanHusen remarked, “She lives in a gloomy world and is sunny.

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