The enormous humanoid water monster in Antarctica’s unresolved mystery

Aboυt a decade ago (2007), a Japaпese scieпtist shared aboυt a moпster he saw with his owп eyes. He said he had seeп a mysterioυs creatυre oп the oceaп floor iп Aпtarctica. It is white, υp to 30m loпg, has the body of a fish bυt has two haпds liⱪe a hυmaп.

Althoυgh he oпly observed for a momeпt, he still broυght the story to discυss with other scieпtists. Of coυrse, everyoпe thoυght it was a myth. Bυt attitυdes have all chaпged siпce a straпge video emerged, which captυred a giaпt sea creatυre with a very mysterioυs shape that пo oпe caп explaiп.

For years, rυmors begaп to circυlate aboυt a mysterioυs, υпⱪпowп moпster lυrⱪiпg somewhere iп the icy waters of Aпtarctica.

The Japaпese call it Niпgeп (人間 – literally “Hυmaп World”) – based oп a simυlatioп of a hυmaпoid moпster iп this coυпtry’s legeпd.

So in the end, what is the truth about this monster? The story of the mysterious sea monster will be dissected below.

Ningen – giant sea monster with human shape

In rumors, Ningen is a monster that is said to have existed at the same time as the mammoth, but has overcome the rigors of nature and human hands to survive to this day.

But more than fiction, there have been many instances of Ningen being seen. The first was a Japanese fisherman in 1990 who claimed to have seen a giant white and humanoid creature in the Pacific Ocean.

According to eyewitnesses, this monster has arms, legs, even its hands have 5 fingers. In addition, its tail is very large, like a whale.

But that could be a big fish right? Things could have gone that way, had it not been for a few more cases claiming to have seen Ningen.

As reported by an expedition near the South Pole, they saw a strange object in the distance. At first, the crew thought it might be a submarine, but when they got closer, it wasn’t. What they thought was a submarine turned out to be a giant living thing, and almost immediately it dived deep into the frigid waters of Antarctica.

Other reports indicate that Ningen occurs in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. In addition, there is information indicating that the Ningen is a nocturnal animal that chooses cold, deep water areas to live. Because of that, the mystery of Ningen is increasingly difficult to verify, because it is very difficult to keep a close eye on a nocturnal sea creature.

The truth about Ningen?

If that’s what you’re wondering, sorry, that question doesn’t have a clear answer. Ningen is still one of the mysterious creatures that science has not been able to identify.

However, science is evaluating Ningen as a modern-day “myth” . Information about this monster mainly appears in online forums – where people freely share stories that do not need to be verified.

Furthermore, some ocean monsters – like Krakken – have already been explained, so the possibility of Ningen too is very high.

Besides, science also put forward a few theories about this mysterious creature. The most prominent is the theory that Ningen is a giant stingray, occasionally rising to the surface to “make noise” for imaginative people. Also in the case of the Japanese professor, it may have been disguised with some icebergs, confusing him.

However, if it is just a stingray, it is difficult to explain why until now the mystery has not been solved. So, experts put forward another theory: an albino whale !

But anyway, the seabed is still a mysterious place for people. Over thousands of years, we have only discovered less than 5% of the mysteries of the ocean. So who knows, what if Ningen is real and lurking somewhere?

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