The F-15C Eagle’s final flights in Japan are scheduled for this week.

U.S. Airmen and McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle assigned to Kadena Air Base, Japan, will participate in an Aviation Training Relocation, otherwise known as “ATR,” event hosted by the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) 8th Air Wing at Tsuiki Air Base, Japan, November 10-18, 2022. Aviation Training Relocation is a result of the May 2006 United States-Japan roadmap for realignment implementation, a bilateral program aimed at increasing operational readiness and improving interoperability.

US Air Force F-15C Eagles From Kadena Making Their Last Trips To Tsuiki Air Base - MilitaryLeak

“A strong U.S.-Japan alliance serves as a basis to deter conflicts and keep stability in the region. We are proud to contribute to the peace in the region by signaling a strong U.S.-Japan alliance through this bilateral training,” said Japanese Air Self-Defense Force Lt. Col. Tomonori Okubo, 6th Fighter Squadron commander.

US Air Force F-15C Eagles From Kadena Making Their Last Trips To Tsuiki Air Base - MilitaryLeak
“We must work as a team and communicate effectively to prevail in the skies above. About 190 Kadena-based Airmen from Okinawa are participating in this training. On behalf of them, I would like to thank you for hosting us,” said U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Craig Van Beusekom, 67th Fighter Squadron commander, during the ATR’s initial press conference.

U.S AIr Force F-15 Eagles at Kadena Air Base, Japan | National Review

During this training event, U.S. and Japanese forces will plan and conduct bilateral flying operations within bilaterally approved airspace regularly used by the JASDF. Members participating in the Aviation Training Relocation are from various units under the 18th Wing and will be given the opportunity to practice deployed operations and perform bilateral training in a joint environment alongside the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force 8th Air Wing.

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