“The friendly golden retriever loves to hug people, demonstrating the adorable nature of dogs and the happiness they bring to people’s lives.”

Louboutina, often known as Loubie, is a lovable dog. This sociable golden retriever enjoys interacting with new people. When she is taken on a walk in New York City, she gives people hugs. It’s simply adorable. I can’t seem to get enough of this adorableness.

It’s never an ordinary day for a walk with Loubie, according to her owner Cesar Fernandez – Chavez. Within minutes, she has a strong desire to meet new individuals. She’d come over to various folks and give them heartfelt warm hugs. Furthermore, it is never just a walk for them both.

This is a self-taught habit. He never taught her this behavior, according to Fernandez-Chavez.

She use to want to hold hands before she wants to hug. This tradition began in 2014 on Valentine’s Day.

As a result, she began to sit up and hold hands with both of her paws. Her favorite activity for the day was holding hands. People would walk hand in hand, so she would sit up and cross one paw over the other. People in her immediate vicinity adored it, and they were all awestruck by her. People would approach her and offer to grasp her hand. This was her method of expressing her love.

Meanwhile, Loubie began to express her adoration in a new way after a few years. That is true when it comes to hugs. She began by doing so with her owner. She simply sat and hugged him while wrapping her legs over his knees. But then again, it had become a habit of hers.

This was something she enjoyed doing. She occasionally only wants to cuddle and nothing else. She began hugging people on her walk after a time. To be clear, she is a finicky eater. She would only hug people she wanted to hug.

People would approach her for hugs, but her owner told them that if she wanted to hug you, she would do so on her own. She is also a celebrity with her own Instagram account.

Finally, this sweet golden retriever brings joy and love to the streets of New York!

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