The HMS Audacious (S122) is a Royal Navy assault submarine from the Astute Class

HMS Audacious (S122), the Astute-Class attack submarine, was formally commissioned today during a ceremony held at HM Naval Base Clyde. Members of the ship’s company and personnel from the Submarine Flotilla (SUBFLOT) gathered at the Faslane site to welcome HMS Audacious to the Royal Navy operations and readiness.

Commodore Jim Howard Jones, the Commander of SUBFLOT, presided over the commissioning ceremony and addressed the crew, highlighting the significance of this event and praising the efforts of the submarine’s crew. He emphasized the importance of this milestone in the submarine’s journey.

“It is an absolute pleasure to be Commander of the Submarine Flotilla and to officially commission the Royal Navy’s newest and most capable SSN. As we move from sea trials into our operational sea training program, I am sure the ship’s company are ready for the challenge ahead. This formal commissioning ceremony marks another major milestone in the platform becoming fully operational and ready for tasking,” said Commodore Jim Howard Jones.

The Astute-Class submarines represent the latest class of nuclear-powered fleet submarines in Royal Navy service. This class introduces a new standard of stealth, communication capabilities, and stealth technology. The boats are constructed by BAE Systems Submarines at Barrow-in-Furness.

HMS Audacious boasts a crew of 38 highly trained personnel and is armed with Spearfish heavyweight torpedoes and Tomahawk Block IV cruise missiles, with the latter having a range of up to 1,000 miles. The Tomahawk missiles are capable of hitting targets deep within enemy territory, making them a formidable addition to the Royal Navy’s arsenal.

The Astute-Class submarines are equipped with the latest iteration of the Submarine Command System, an advanced version of the Submarine Common Command System used on other classes of British submarines. These vessels are capable of carrying out complex navigation, providing their own oxygen supply, and maintaining communication even when submerged.

HMS Audacious joins the Royal Navy’s submarine fleet as a symbol of cutting-edge maritime technology and military capability, ready to fulfill its mission and serve the nation. This commissioning marks a significant step in the continuous development of the Royal Navy’s submarine force.

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