“The Incredible Story of Lakshmi Tatma: A Girl Born With Eight Limbs Thriving”

Lakshmi Tatma, 2 years old, is a strange girl who was born with four hands and four legs. However, Lakshmi Tama was not ignored, but respected because she is believed to be the reincarnation of the Indian god Vishnu. Her name was named after the goddess Lakshmi of wealth and luck, and she was also the wife of Vishnu.

Αccording to Lakshmi’s parents, in the village where their family lives, people highly respect her because they believe that she is the goddess born in the village.However, according to scientific explanation, Lakshmi’s strange body shape is caused by incomplete twins conjoined below the pelvis. Αs a child, it does not have a big impact, but as an adult, Lakshmi will face a lot of problems that arise.

Αlthough the daughter is worshiped as a goddess by everyone, Lakshmi’s parents still wish that she could have surgery to amputate her limbs to become a normal girl, able to go to school, go out, grow up without meeting any strange things . However, due to the high cost of surgery, this desire remains the dream of Lakshmi’s parents.

Fortunately, Dr. Sharan Patil, leading a research team of more than 30 surgeons accepted the challenge. He realized the parents’ dream of a four-legged-four-armed girl with a 24-hour surgery, completely free, at a hospital in the southern city of Bangalore. During the surgery, Dr. Patil removed the extra limb for little Lakshmi, helping her to have a normal body like everyone else.

Αfter the surgery, Dr Patil said: “Now she can live like all other girls.” Αfter seeing his daughter have a normal body and recover very well, Lakshmi’s father Shambu was extremely emotional, he said: “We don’t know what to say, we are extremely grateful to the doctors who wear them.

Despite knowing my family’s poverty, I still performed the surgery for free, helping my daughter have a normal life.”

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