The joy of enjoying lemon as a child – Prepare for endless laughter!

Doing things for the first time in a baby’s life is an extremely exciting and memorable experience for the whole family.

Play is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life. Because through play children learn to think creatively and interact socially. Furthermore, games help children develop physically and discover a range of emotional skills as well as learn how to react to the world.

Cognitive benefits

Play promotes healthy development and critical thinking skills, helps children strengthen their memory, understand cause and effect, and helps them explore the world and discover their role in it.

Play also inspires children to be creative and imaginative, brainstorm and practice critical thinking skills.

Material benefits

Physically, play is beneficial in developing children’s gross motor skills. Examples of physical games include: running, jumping, swimming, dancing, cycling and climbing trees.

Social benefits

Play is also important for social development, helping children learn to interact with others, share thoughts and ideas, listen and compromise.

Emotional benefits

Play helps children understand and process their own emotions. For example, when a child loses in a game, they learn how to handle sadness and anger.

Play also helps build confidence, encourages development and builds self-esteem.

During playtime, a baby’s first experiment always gives him the most intense emotions. On the journey from when your child is just a baby to becoming an adult, parents and children will experience many memorable ‘firsts’ moments. Even though in the eyes of others it is sometimes just a normal thing, but for parents and children it is a moment they will never forget.

The way the child reacts to that seemingly normal thing makes parents realize that true happiness lies within the small things.

Check out these amazing photos that capture the moment a child experiences everything in life for the first time:

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