The Liebherr T284 has features that make it the largest truck

The Liebherr T284 truck is a heavy-duty truck manufactured by the Liebherr Group. The large dimensions of the Liebherr T284 truck are designed to be used in large Mining Operations, Quarries, Coal Mining and Large construction Projects operations. Detailed information about the features and usage areas of the Liebherr T284 truck is as follows.

Features of Liebherr T284 Truck

Liebherr T284 is a giant heavy-duty truck with standard tires measuring 59/80R63, carrying length of 15.69 meters, carrying width of 9.68 meters and the weight of the truck is 237 tons, with a net load carrying capacity of 363 tons. The truck is ideal for transporting large items. The engines that move this big truck are equipped with a high-performance diesel engine. It was designed taking into account factors such as engine power, fuel efficiency and low emissions. Again, on the chassis side, the T284’s storage and cooling system is optimized for transporting heavy loads. This helps ensure the durability, durability and ride comfort of the truck.

Liebherr T284 features
Liebherr T284 features

Liebherr T284 is equipped with advanced automation and technology features. This provides better control and efficiency of the operator and increases safety measures. Speaking of efficiency, the T284’s design has been optimized to deliver high efficiency and low operating costs. This enables greater productivity and profitability in mining operations. It has also been designed as an important focal point in terms of security. The truck is equipped with important safety features to ensure the efficiency of the operator and other products.

Usage Areas of Liebherr T284 Truck

Mining Operations, Liebherr T284 truck is used for transport tasks in large-scale open-pit mining operations. It is used effectively in operations such as material handling, rock and soil transportation in mining areas.

Quarries, The Liebherr T284 truck is used to transport large quantities of materials that need to be transported in quarries. These trucks work efficiently in quarries thanks to their heavy load carrying capacity and durability.

Coal Mining, In the coal mining industry, Liebherr T284 trucks are used to extract and transport coal. It successfully carries out large volumes of coal loads with its carrying capacity and powerful engine.

Construction Projects, In large construction projects, especially infrastructure works, Liebherr T284 trucks are used for material handling and transportation. Thanks to its high carrying capacity and durability, it ensures effective transportation of construction materials.

Liebherr T284 Usage areas
Liebherr T284 Usage areas

The Liebherr T284 truck is known for its high carrying capacity, durability and wide range of uses in the mining industry. However, of course, the areas of use and applications in a particular project vary depending on the requirements of the project and the preferences of the user.

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