The mollera was never closed, so Chihuahua had to wear a little helmet to protect his tiny head.

Chihuahua named Dude is overcoming all the difficulties in his life after his noddle didn’t close all the way.

His family went to the networks to report his very particular case but, far from this being a limitation, this canine leads a very stylish life and has moved netizens with his helmet and hats.

Erim Klay, Dude’s human, told on Twitter the story of the puppy that her mother decided to adopt. For a strange reason the puppy was born with his fontanel exposed, that is, the soft part of his head.

At first they thought that it was just a matter of time for the area to mature, as happens with babies, but it was not like that and despite its age, the Chihuahua retains such a soft newborn head.

Any blow in the area could jeopardize his life and given the situation, the family protects him extremely. In fact, Erim’s mother keeps the puppy in hats and when it’s time to go out she wears a protective helmet. All this to avoid any accident, but the Chihuahua seems not to be bothered by his condition at all.

Dude has proclaimed himself the king of style, since the collection of hats that he wears in his photographs have made everyone fall in love on social networks. Erim began to upload images of him on his Twitter, as well as some videos in which the chihuahua was seen.

@safetyinspectordude is the name of the account in which the chihuahua falls in love with his followers with the photos and pranks that his mother shares. In most cases Dude can be seen using his blue helmet.

Perhaps the matter is not so comfortable, but for this little dog the accessory is already part of his life, and it is that everyone is aware that the best thing is for Dudo to use it; more when he goes for a walk with mom and is exposed to other dogs.

Going out to the park can be a bit stressful for the boy.

On one occasion, the Chihuahua bumped into a bad-tempered puppy and its owner had to intervene so it wouldn’t get hurt. Other than that, Dude’s life is like any canine’s.

Fortunately, these boys get along very well, they have been together since they were little and so far they do not represent any danger to the furry one. In fact, it is Dude who usually harasses the cat when she doesn’t want to play with him.

Very similar to what happens with humans, the fontanelle usually closes between two months after birth, but this did not happen with Dude and his humans did not want to intervene to correct the matter.

Of the rest, the Chihuahua is a fairly healthy furry but above all lucky to have a family that cares about him. Dude has already gotten used to his helmet that makes him stand out from the rest, but above all to be protected.

!! Congratulations!! The puppy could not have found a better home and we are sure that his life will continue to be as happy as it is now, thanks to the love and attention he receives.

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