The mother of three is expecting twins again.

Megan Haggerty, a 30-year-old mother of four who gave birth to triplets last year, is now expecting twins. Megan Haggerty naturally triplets (sons Clyde, Matthew and Thomas) and her two-year-old daughter with Clyde Bodge, who also has three children from a previous marriage: girls ages six, eight and 10.

Bodge has been a stay-at-home dad with his four youngest children since he lost his job as a heating and cooling technician in February, and will add twins to the mix in July. He said: “I’m really excited. I love children.”

She had never spoken to us before and said, “I didn’t expect to hear that kind of news again. But I also thought, ‘I have triplets, so twins will be a piece of cake.’”

Haggerty’s triplets are fraternal and the chances of their occurring naturally were about 1 in 8,000; for identical triplets, the odds increase to about 1 in a million. However, uts are prevalent in the families of Mrs. Haggerty and Mr. Bodge. And once a woman has t to uts, her probability of doing it again increases. Her grandmother’s cousin had triplets and her grandmother had twins. Meanwhile, Mr. Bodge’s great-grandmother gave birth to quadruplets, and several sets of twins were born on his side of the family.

Although the family has taken it all in stride, there have been difficult times. Haggerty claimed that triplets are extremely challenging because humans only have two arms and two legs, while babies seem to want them simultaneously. Haggerty lost a significant amount of work as caring for young children was time-consuming during her 90-minute commute between her home and the corporate office. However, the couple’s finances are currently her main concern. She commented, “The triplets were incredibly challenging at first because you only have two hands and two legs, and everyone wanted to be one at the same time.”

Bodge said it was due to the lingering effects of a job that caused discomfort, so he was able to stay up all night and work. Bodge admits, “Honestly, it was pretty hard at first, but now my day is so fluid, and I have them on a wonderful schedule. Most people might find it scary, but I really want to make it to the end of the month, let’s go.” “I’m going to have to keep my composure. I’m prepared to work nights. At first, it was difficult in many ways, but now the couple feel much calmer. They have previous experience with triplets and are not as confused as before.



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