The mother’s long-awaited achievement of becoming a mother was recompensed with four incredibly cute twins and a gorgeous baby girl

After years of trying to conceive, one couple was thrilled to welcome their miracle daughter -. Two years later, their desire to expand their family took an unexpected turn, leaving them at a loss for words.

Natalie Maree and her husband, Kahm from Roebourne, Western Australia, married in 2013 and immediately began trying for a child. After two years of unsuccessful attempts, they sought medical advice, where they received the shocking diagnosis of unexplained infertility. Despite this unexpected setback, the couple remained determined to keep trying, undeterred by the challenges they faced.

Finally, in May 2018, they were blessed with their first child, an adorable girl named Kiana, affectionately nicknamed “Kiki.” Natalie and Kahm were thrilled to embrace parenthood and celebrated their daughter as their “little miracle.”

While thrilled with their daughter, the couple knew they wanted to expand their family even further. Soon after, Natalie and her husband began trying for another child.

Until late last year, with the help of hormone injections to stimulate ovulation, Natalie became pregnant again. But the biggest surprise was yet to come.

Once the initial shock was over, Natalie and Kahm couldn’t wait to hold their bundles of joy. At Natalie’s seventh-week prenatal check-up, the doctor revealed that she had a good chance of carrying more than one baby this time.

During the ultrasound, Natalie saw the dark shadows of two embryos on the screen, causing her to exclaim “twins.” However, the doctor immediately corrected her, indicating with a raised hand that they should be “quadruplets.”

On July 21, 2020, at 34 weeks pregnant, Natalie delivered her quadruplets by C-section and embraced motherhood with open arms. The Australian couple became parents to one boy and three girls – Maioha Kahm, 2.3 kg, Fraukee Gene, 1.92 kg, Marley Rose, 2.2 kg, and Maddison Grace, 2.1 kg.

As expected, Kiki was delighted to have not one but four siblings to adore and play with. The proud mother noted that her infants were in perfect health but needed help breathing. So it took four weeks of careful observation before they could finally go home.

Although her hands were full, Natalie was grateful to have been blessed with four more miracles. She expressed, “We’re exhausted but joyfully happy.”

Since becoming a mother of five, Natalie has been documenting her journey on her Instagram account, “Kiki and the Quads.” She shares candid insights into her family’s daily routine and the physical and emotional changes she’s experienced. In several posts, she reveals what it’s like to care for four newborns and one toddler, and how difficult it can be to give all her children the attention and love they need.

In addition, she shares the daily routine of caring for four babies simultaneously, pointing out that it takes an average of an hour and a half to breastfeed. Once the babies are asleep, she and her husband have to start planning the next breastfeeding period.

She acknowledges the difficulties of raising a 2-year-old daughter while caring for four newborns, and stresses the unique feeling of exhaustion. Nevertheless, she is grateful for the support of her family and friends, declaring: “We have a vast network of family and friends who help us every day. Without them, we’d be 100% dead.”to

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