The New Journey of Rokka and Manda in Amboseli

On February 21, 2024, two extraordinary graduates bid farewell to their nurturing Kaluku family and embarked on a new journey at the esteemed Amboseli Reintegration Unit.

Rokka and Manda, the latest additions to the Amboseli family, symbolize hope and resilience as they continue their journey back to the wild.

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The decision to relocate Rokka and Manda was made with careful consideration. Rokka, the gentle soul and sole female among the Kaluku herd had outgrown her surroundings, indicating a need for broader horizons.

Similarly, Manda, the charismatic ‘big boy’ of Kaluku, sought stimulation and companionship beyond his current confines. At Amboseli, surrounded by experienced companions, Manda’s exuberance will find its place.

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Under the guidance of experienced keepers, Rokka and Manda embarked on their journey. Accompanied by their Kaluku friends, Vaarti and Mayan, the quartet reached the rendezvous point, where anticipation hung.

Peter and Julius, esteemed keepers from the Nairobi Nursery, lent their support while Omari, Rokka’s cherished keeper, completed the graduation team.

The convoy set forth at the break of dawn, marking the beginning of a momentous day. The loading process proceeded seamlessly, with Rokka and Manda boarding the lorry, enticed by the promise of milk bottles.

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As the convoy navigated its course to Amboseli, occasional stops punctuated the journey, offering opportunities for refreshment and respite.

Upon arrival at the Amboseli Reintegration Unit, a grand welcome awaited the new graduates. Led by the venerable matriarchs Mbegu, Godoma, and Tagwa, the Amboseli herd assembled eagerly to embrace Rokka and Manda.

Amidst joyous trumpeting and swirling dust, Rokka and Manda were warmly embraced and instantly welcomed into the fold.

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As the day unfolded, Rokka and Manda ventured into their new surroundings, accompanied by their newfound companions.

Amidst the lush greenery of Amboseli, they discovered a sense of belonging and camaraderie that promised to shape their journey ahead.

A week has passed since Rokka and Manda’s arrival, and the transition has been seamless. Rokka revels in Amboseli’s communal living, while Manda thrives amidst the diverse company.

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Together, they represent the spirit of resilience and adaptation, poised to reclaim their place in the wild they once called home.

For Rokka and Manda, the journey to Amboseli marks a new beginning and a homecoming to their roots.

As they tread the path toward freedom, guided by the unwavering support of their keepers and companions, Rokka and Manda embody the enduring spirit of hope and renewal.

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