The only way this poor elephant was able to get through her suffering was because she was so depressed that she couldn’t even sleep.

Baan Yen is a 50-year-old female elephant who spent 20 in a riding range. By the time they got in touch with people who could rescue her, she was already so depressed that she had stopped sleeping for several days , the physical and emotional damage she had suffered from torture and mistreatment by those heartless men was wreaking havoc, it was very hard to get over so much pain.

She was rescued and taken to the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary , where they would take care of making her trust again.

She had been through many traumatic situations in her life.

Among her bad experiences is the fact of having been forced to reproduce on one occasion.

Her state of depression was evident, she was suspicious of both humans and others of her kind.

But as the days passed, the environment of the sanctuary made her feel a little better.

Also, Dok Gaew another elephant a little older and with more time in the sanctuary decided to do something about it.

One day without prior notice he approached her and made a gesture with his trunk that gave the impression of telling her that she would no longer have to worry that she would be fine.

From this moment on, Baan Yen changed her attitude and although she will always have memories of the sorrows and injuries in her life, she feels more secure.


It is known that elephants are capable of suffering psychological conditions, depressions and crises due to traumatic situations, they are very intelligent animals but in the same way sensitive, ill-treatment can hurt their feelings, we hope that fewer and fewer animals have than live the situation of Gaan Yen.

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