The orphaned zebra and rhino help each other heal from their wounds and become close friends

In a heartwarming tale that transcends the boundaries of the wild, an unusual friendship has blossomed between Daisy, a baby rhino, and Modjadji, a young zebra, at the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary. Despite their disparate origins, these two orphaned animals have become inseparable companions, providing solace and healing for each other in their time of need.

The story began in early December when rangers discovered Daisy alone and struggling in the vast expanse of Kruger National Park, South Africa. Merely a few hours old and remarkably frail, Daisy faced an uphill battle for survival. Transported by helicopter to the sanctuary’s intensive care unit, she underwent round-the-clock care, nourishment, and various treatments to strengthen her immune system and regulate her body temperature.


Daisy’s plight, however, was not unique. Sharing the sanctuary’s ICU with her was Modjadji, a zebra who had been admitted at the end of November after being found motionless and barely breathing on the reserve, a mere week old at the time. These two young orphans, thrown together by circumstance, forged an extraordinary bond that transcended the conventional boundaries of species.


As they grew stronger and more resilient, Daisy and Modjadji’s natural curiosity drew them closer. Rhinos, known for their social nature, require companionship, and Modjadji emerged as the perfect friend for Daisy, demonstrating immense affection towards her newfound companion.

After a month of shared experiences, Modjadji and Daisy have transformed into the closest of friends, resembling sisters in their inseparability. Wherever Daisy goes, Modjadji is sure to follow. The touching connection between them is most evident when they cuddle together at night, providing Daisy with comfort and security that only a true friend can offer.


Louwhen Bowker, media contact at Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary, emphasizes the significance of this unique friendship, stating, “[Modjadji] is a friend that can be with her [Daisy] 24/7, and this, in turn, helps to prevent too much human contact with Daisy.”

Though the day will come when Daisy and Modjadji can roam freely and encounter other rhinos and zebras, for now, they find everything they need in each other’s company. This heartwarming tale serves as a poignant reminder that sometimes, the family we choose is the one that truly matters. The sanctuary not only becomes a place of recovery but also a testament to the resilience of the animal kingdom and the extraordinary connections that can flourish in the face of adversity.


Daisy was discovered alone and suffering in Kruger National Park, South Africa, in early December. Daisy was just a few hours old and quite frail, so her rescuers flew her to the sanctuary’s urgent care center by helicopter. Daisy required 24-hour care and feeding, as well as various medications to assist her immune system and regulate her body temperature.

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