The pink, wrinkled, unrecognizable stray puppy is in desperate need of help

“[H]e’s a beautiful mix” ❤️

Earlier this year, volunteers at Friends of Marshall Animal Shelter (FMAS), an animal shelter in Marshall, Texas, rescued a pink, wrinkly baby in desperate need of help.

The tiny stray puppy, whom they named Duncan, was in serious pain when he entered the shelter. His fragile body was covered in painful scabs, and his bare skin was inflamed from head to toe.

Duncan was battling a severe case of mange, and his new friends at FMAS were determined to help the little guy thrive.

Facebook/Friends of Marshall Animals

They quickly found an experienced foster family to take the puppy in and crafted a regimented treatment plan, which included daily medicated baths.

Duncan’s baths were vital for both his physical health and emotional well-being. Each time his new caregivers gently lathered him with specially formulated shampoo, they also showered the baby with affirmations and praise.

They reminded him just how loved he was and how much better he would feel soon.

Facebook/Friends of Marshall Animals

Thanks to their efforts, Duncan’s appearance changed drastically within a week of arriving at the shelter.

In just seven days, Duncan’s skin transformed from sore and broken to visibly smooth and pain-free.

He’d always had a speckled face, but for the first time since his rescue, some natural spotting started to appear across the rest of his body.

“A little medicine and a loving foster go a long way,” FMAS wrote on Facebook.

Facebook/Friends of Marshall Animals

Duncan’s fosters continued giving the resilient pup his relaxing baths, making sure he felt loved and safe every step of the way.

Before long, his condition improved dramatically, and he was finally eligible for adoption.

The FMAS team was happily surprised to see his once-red skin covered in silky white fur with adorable black spots all over. They weren’t quite sure what breed Duncan was, but they knew just how to describe him to potential adopters.

Facebook/Friends of Marshall Animals

“Looks like there might be some Dalmatian in there,” FMAS wrote in a Facebook comment, “but all we can say for sure is that he’s a beautiful mix.”

It took some time for Duncan to find his forever family, but in November, his wish came true.

Facebook/Friends of Marshall Animals

Duncan, now a full-grown dog, is happier than ever in his new home. He is completely healed from his bout of mange and is happily experiencing life as a healthy dog.

His friends at FMAS miss seeing his adorable face every day, but they’re so thankful that he finally has the life he always deserved.

To help pups like Duncan get the care they need, you can donate to Friends of Marshall Animal Shelter here.

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