The puppy who destroys every picture she takes with her sisters gains notoriety.

We all love to capture the most beautiful and fun moments with our dogs in images, and when it comes to a group photo, surprises are never lacking. This is what happened to a woman in Japan during a photo session with her puppies From her; One of them stood out for her crazy rebellion, the beautiful and fun photos touched the users.

is always the center of attention

Yoko Kikuchi is a young yoga instructor who has four furry shiba inu breeds that she adores: Kikko, Sasha, Momo and Hina . She greatly enjoys taking pictures of him to post on her Mascotas Beshas Facebook account where she always shows them off.

But at the right moment to start the session you must arm yourself with patience; while the other dogs collaborate calmly and almost synchronously with her focus, Hina likes to be different and makes all kinds of faces or stands in a position completely contrary to that of her dog companions.

His occurrences are unique

It’s like he enjoys sabotaging the perfect shot, and the result is hilarious as hell . Just before hearing the characteristic click of the shot, he gracefully opens his mouth, closes one or both eyes, gazes languidly at the sky, turns his back or side. Anyway, she does anything to make it out of tune.

The latest published photos went viral and received endless beautiful words from Internet users. The unique dog she immediately fell in love with her reckless personality and Hin has no choice but to accept that she has a daughter that she does not like to go unnoticed.

“Good news. Our four girls (again for Hina) were featured in four UK newspapers this morning: The Times, Daily Star, The Sun and the Irish version of The Sun,” the resigned woman wrote.

Pet photographer Mark Rogers gives humans some tips to make taking photos of their pups as easy and optimal as possible. The most important thing is to get the animal used to the camera so that it does not feel uncomfortable.

“The click and flash of a camera can make dogs uneasy at first. Let your dog sniff the camera well, and then start casually photographing the surroundings.

If you are using a film camera, you can do this before loading the film. Start taking pictures of your dog only after he is comfortable with the camera and starts doing his own thing,” the expert said clearly.

It is recommended that the dog feel as calm as possible so that it learns and gradually collaborates without forcing it. Not forgetting that each little animal is different and we must adapt to its way of being , because ultimately what we want is to see it always happy.

So keep these tips in mind for when you have to photograph your puppies. And be sure to share this beautiful and funny story with all your friends.

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