The tiniest horse in the world, Gulliver, charms everyone with his adorable appearance.

There are animals that have the ability to seduce us because of their innocence or some other trait that makes them unique, distinguishing them from many other species of the same species, so they stay in our memory. like something beautiful.

This is the impression Gulliver, the smallest known horse, is making. He was born in Russia, and he is only 30 cm tall, a week he only gains 10 cm.

It is estimated that he will grow to a total height of 50 cm, which is half the height normally measured by ponies.

Now its owner, Elena Chistyakova, who lives in Skotnoye of the Leningrad region, thinks that she could win the Guinness record as the smallest pony in the world.

“He is very friendly, he behaves like a star, always happy, he is unique”, Elena said.

When they told me that a very small pony had been born on the farm, I couldn’t believe it; then I saw it, it was like having a big cat in my arms. I was so happy.”

« I considered him a miracle, not only because of his size, but because he was really healthy. »

«Everyone has gone crazy for him, he has his charm. He behaves like a star ».

” He is very sociable and has such a noble character that he has won everyone over very quickly .”

It’s funny that being so small, they named him after a giant from a children’s story, I hope he manages to win the record.

Chistyakova has said that although she has seen horses born with dwarfism, Gulliver’s features are different, he is perfectly formed and does not show any disproportion in his body .

«There is a concept of dwarfism in horse breeding. These animals usually have very large heads, crooked legs, a hunched back, a short neck, or an incorrect bite.”

Courdisto portocali / Publimeter

Guilliver needs special attention due to its size, there are many visitors who want to ride it, especially children. But the owners refused to allow it to be used for horseback riding. They just want you to have a happy and healthy life, even with your unique personalities .

However, there is no denying that he is a very cute pony, he is seen running around his parents and other ponies and trying to play with them and keep up. Sometimes it gets lost in the bushes and it is difficult to find it due to its size.

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