The twins clung to each other during their first bath

With their eyes closed and in a delicate embrace, these newborn twins were enjoying their first bath. A midwife from Paris uploaded these captivating photos to a social network, where they became an instant internet sensation.

Sonia Rochel, a midwife based in Paris, published the film to YouTube on November 8, and it has since been viewed nearly four million times. Ms. Rochel made the video public to demonstrate “The Thalasso Baby Spa” – a small bath basin and shower device she created for infants to simulate the sensation of being in the womb. In the video, the newborn sister and brother could not stop embracing each other during their first wash, as if no one should ever them. They were not bothered by the midwife’s contact or the fact that they were submerged in water. They cling to one another as they float in the minuscule basin of warm water.

A nurse is seen tenderly cradling and supporting their fragile sas as they appear to slumber blissfully. At one point, water is delicately sprinkled over their foreheads and eyeballs, while their nostrils and mouths remain above the water’s surface to facilitate breathing. At the conclusion of the film, the neonates are removed from the bath, positioned on a mat, and dried with cloths.

Ms. Rochel stated that they were only a few days old when they received their first wash at the maternity clinic where they were born. They are approximately one month old now. In an interview published online last year, Ms. Rochel, a grandmother of six, explained that she came up with the unique cleansing method after taking a shower and realizing that the water on her face felt wonderful. She decided to test the technique on the newborns and observed that it caused them to move similarly to when they are in the womb. Ms. Rochel has previously bathed multiple sets of twins together, so she was not startled by the infants’ reaction in the video. “It is always a sight to behold,” she said, “to observe the infants’ incredible reaction to the water.”

Sonia Rochel, a French nurse, invented the Thalasso Baby Bath, which entails delicately cradling a baby in the bath and pouring water over the baby’s forehead to simulate the sensation of being in the womb. This is the first time Sonia’s breathtakingly compassionate technique has been captured on film while showering twins. The technique appears to be very calming, and the fraternal twin infants appear to be extremely calm, but Sonia does not advise parents to attempt this at home.

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