The twins have completely opposite skin.

THE mum of these twins has no problem telling them apart after they were born with different skin colours – one black and one white.

Daniel and his fair-skinned brother David were born on February 26,2019 in Lagos, Nigeria.”

Daniel and David Omirin were born just minutes apart, but they couldn’t look less like brothers. Despite parents Stacy, 30, and Babajide, 38, being black, baby David has pale white skin and golden hair. While his brother Daniel, has black skin and dark curly hair – just like his parents and four-year-old sister Demilade.

It’s because little David is ᴀʟʙɪɴᴏ – his skin and hair lack pigmentation due to a congenital ᴀʙsᴇɴᴄᴇ of melanin. The twins – who both have beautiful brown eyes – attract attention every time they go outside in Lagos, Nigeria.

Out and about  and people often question whether both kids are hers. She had no idea they had different skin colours until they were born. “It was a massive surprise”, she said. Her husband couldn’t belive  “He couldn’t believe what he saw either. They are so adorable and it felt like we had been given a miracle. In Nigeria I have never seen a thing like this. To be honest I have never seen anything like this before in twins.”

David was born with a ᴄᴏɴᴅɪtɪᴏɴ called ᴏᴄᴜʟᴏᴄᴜtᴀɴᴇᴏᴜs ᴀʟʙɪɴɪsᴍ and affects one in 20,000 births each year. Stacy and the twins were discharged from hospital after four days.

And when she introduced the tots to friends and family for the first time – their instant reaction was “wow”.

Stacy said: “The family think they are wonderful and they are very popular in our family. They are so beautiful and cute and to all of us they are adorable.”

Stacy believes she is “blessed” to be the mother of Daniel and David who despite their obvious visual differences, have matching playful personalities.

“They are special to everyone and I love them. It feels special to be their mother because they are a special kind of twins. I believe I am blessed and I am so proud of them.”

Stacy added how she has recently been contacted by a UK-based modelling agency who have got in touch regarding potential photoshoots.

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