These cyclists had no idea that their journey would conclude with them rescuing a pregnant woman in trouble.

Emergencies can occur anywhere and at any time, and a group of cyclists called “Los Caimanes” confirmed it. They were on a route in the town of Cela, population 12, in the Irixoa municipality, in La Coruña, Spain, when they came across a desperate farmer on the road .

His cow was five hours into labor and the vet hadn’t arrived yet.

The cow was exhausted and the calf was in a bad position.

He had to work hard to achieve it and the cow at some point got desperate but let him do his job.

The cow no longer had the strength to finish her labor.

They both fell to the floor and seemed lifeless, but they really would be fine.

Grabbing it by the leg and with his hand he made several movements towards the small animal’s chest, as if it were a  cardiac massage . At the same time, you can see how the cow raises its head and tries to settle down, it still can’t get up but it would surely be fine.

The farmer dragged the calf to its mother and let them recover together.

Daily Mail

The video quickly garnered a lot of followers and comments. Despite the fact that the cyclist was not a veterinarian, he knew how to react and acted in such a way that he was able to save two lives that were at risk.

Without a doubt, his experience and knowledge acquired as a child made him the hero of the day.

Share this incredible story and let’s see how everything we learn can be useful in the most unexpected moment of our lives.

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