They adopt the dog attached to a large boulder who was tossed into the river after a grueling 15-month recuperation period.

Sadly, there are not a few cases of mistreatment of animals and, as if that were not enough, there are also events that make us completely lose faith in humanity. This is what happened with Bella, a Belgian shepherd dog whose  story  we shared with you a few months ago, when she was thrown into a river on Three Kings Day . 

The terrible event happened on the  Farndon River  ,  in Nottinghamshire, England . It was a woman who was in the area and, upon noticing the presence of the dog, he did not hesitate to help her, discovering that someone had  tied  a heavy rock to her back .   

The case went viral around the world, shaking the hearts of animal lovers,  who  demanded  justice be done. After a meticulous  investigation  the owner of the dog thrown into the river with the heavy rock finally pleaded guilty . 

Charlene  Latham  confessed to being guilty of abusing Bella 

The bad woman was released after posting bail and now, after 15 months in the care of the RSPCA animal  association the furry girl has finally found a new home where she can  forget  her stormy past.  

Bella has moved to  South Derbyshire since last April , her new human parents are Maggie Mellish  and Charlie Douglas .  They are a retired couple who consider  to be  perfect for the canine, since they have previous experience with puppies of the same breed.   

“We as a family have had three Sheepdogs in the last 30 years and we really love them. We saw  Bella’s story in the press , she  needed a house, so my daughter, Clare  Lusher , encouraged us to apply,” says Mellish , 79.  

Above  all, the beautiful old couple claims to have all the time they need to be able to properly care for the new member of the family. Now her main  objective  is to fill Bella with pampering and inexhaustible love, taking care  of her health to the extreme since she has already reached 11 years of age  

We know she is in her senior years, but we just want to offer her the loving home she so deserves after all she’s been through. All three of us are  retired, so she will have our  full company , which is what she really needs, and it will be great for us, too ,” says  Douglas, 70  

The couple is in no doubt that they are destined to share their best years with Bella, having been charmed by her incredible energy and personality that the dog immediately showed them. 

There were few hopes that this little girl would manage to survive the experience she  lived through . Fortunately , Bella did not give up and fought day by day, until she fully recovered her health and  she dared to reopen her  heart  to humans.  

Bella has risen from the ashes . She is a completely different dog, she looks more beautiful than ever and there is no doubt that she expects the best part of her life.  

No living being deserves to go through what Bella lived through. Share this story and do not allow animals to be the object of human evil.

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