They capture a puppy cuddling close to his feline sibling as they both gaze out the window.

Human beings often give more importance to differences than to the similarities that we may have, but this does not happen with animals, from whom we have much to learn.

For our pets, one of the most important things is to love and be supportive of the other, and this story does not show it like that , despite being the friendship of a very particular couple.

Lisa Plummer of North Liberty, Indiana, captured her adorable pets sharing a heartwarming moment. The cute images show Bo, an adorable puppy, and Jasper, a cuddly kitten, as they share a hug as they look out the window.

This couple is a perfect example of the true meaning of friendship.

Five-month-old Bo hugs the cat as they look out the window together at the birds outside.

This really is a very moving moment.

Bo jumps on the couch before joining her feline friend and hugging him as they look out the window.

The adorable video is evidence that love trumps species differences after showing the pup climbing up the furniture to sit next to Jasper, before snuggling up and resting one paw on the cat’s back.

The couple then look out the window into the yard together, watching the birds outside.

“Bo loves his cat brothers so much, but he literally goes crazy with their constant chaos,” says Lisa.

Lisa decided to post the adorable video on her Facebook account and user reactions were immediate with their emotional comments praising the couple’s friendship.

Some of the users expressed that it was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen.

“Take the birds, I’ll get the squirrels,” said one of the users.

The video has been played thousands and thousands of times, and it is impossible not to see it several times.

“This sweet moment melted my heart and made me take over all the bad things I’ve said about them,” one user said.

Funny comments were not lacking either.

“You and me, friend. We are going to run this city,” said another user.

Lisa revealed that she was very excited to see this beautiful moment of coming together of two animals who are culturally opposite.

“It needs to be shared with the world. I want people to remember not to judge so quickly, to live and love in the moment who you are with,” Lisa said.

Share this adorable story that shows that it is possible to overcome all differences to make way for true love.

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