They confine a “mini” pig to a fish tank in order to prevent its growth.

Many families are tempted to adopt little pigs as pets with the false idea that there are breeds of pigs that do not grow. However, these breeds of pigs are not real and unfortunately  many people take advantage of the ignorance that exists on the subject to sell piglets to families that are not trained to raise them.

Like many other little pigs, Beacon was born in a pig farm and was sold to a family, who convinced that he was a mini pig.

This little fish tank was all the space the little pig had to live.

The breeder who sold them told the family that to keep the pig that big, they had to feed the little animal very little food and raise it in a small space to stunt its growth . Unfortunately for the poor little pig, the family took their advice and put him to live in a fish tank.

As usual in such cases, the family concluded that Beacon required a lot of attention, so they put up an offer on Craigslist for someone who was interested in him. Luckily, someone saw the ad and posted it on a Facebook group about piggies.

The poor little pig was severely malnourished and dehydrated.

Thanks to this, the future Beacon family got it and they set out to save the poor little animal. Anna Hoffman was the first to see the photo of him and immediately she knew she had to act fast.

She was already the happy owner of a pig, and, although she did not plan to adopt another, the situation did not allow her to do anything other than take action in the face of the unfair life that the pig led ; the next day she and her husband went to rescue the little boy.

Although help had already arrived, the road to recovery would be long and arduous.

Hoffman says that when she picked up the little pig she was shocked, because although the photos she had seen were heartbreaking, watching it was even more devastating. His hooves measured at least 7cm , the poor thing couldn’t walk naturally. He was so thin, his bones stood out in his skin.

Worst of all, he was so scared that she offered him a cookie to show him that he could be trusted to come closer, but the little guy let his fear get the better of his hunger and didn’t budge one bit.

Hoffman would spend hours and hours sitting next to his open cage, talking to him and trying to pet him, hoping that he would dare to venture out of it.

This state of panic that Beacon was in made the process of crating him to Hoffman’s house quite an odyssey, but they finally managed to get him away and the next day a vet attended him to begin his recovery.

Upon arriving at the vet’s office, everyone was shocked by how small and fragile the little pig was . The vet did an x-ray, blood tests, and a complete exam; to his relief, the piglet presented no other problems besides its obvious malnutrition.

After a lot of work, those sad days are behind us

Beacon weighed just 5kg and since he had been deprived of adequate amounts of food, it would be a long time before his digestive system could be accustomed to a diet in regular amounts for a common pig.

But the little guy not only suffered from weight problems, he also had terrible anxiety and confidence issues. Once home, he was still just as scared and it took his new mom a long time to make him understand that he was in a safe place and that his new family just wanted to give him love and protection.

Now Beacon is a happy and playful little pig.

Today, Beacon looks nothing like that skittish, skinny pig she rescued. Although he occasionally hops around and doesn’t allow himself to be petted by everyone, he loves all of his family and really enjoys spending his days running outside, rolling in the grass and playing with his piggy sister. Charlotte.

His owner’s hard work paid off after a lot of time and dedication, today Beacon is a new little pig

Anna Hoffman

Beacon has gained a lot of weight since joining the family and is finally a healthy and happy little pig. His family has taken it upon themselves to do everything possible to give him a better life, educating other people about “mini pigs” and how they are not real.

We invite you to share this story with other people so that more people know the terrible fate that many mini pigs suffer due to the ignorance of their true nature!

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