They document the 65 puppies fighting for their lives after being abandoned on a roof.

Nature someᴛι̇ɱes surprises the world with phenomena that cannot be controlled, and these weather conditions not only affect huɱaп beings, animals also suffer the consequences. Just like these puppies from a shelter that was severely affected by a typhoon.

After the so-called typhoon Vamco passed through the town of San Mateo, in the province of Rizal, in the Philippines, there were very unfortunate episodes. Dozens of people and animals were affected.

These images are a reflection of how serious the consequences have been, activists and defenders of animals have risked their lives to save these poor puppies who were terrified.

What was experienced in the town after the arrival of this natural phenomenon was terrifying, everyone tried to swim while holding on to whatever was within reach to stay alive.

Another of the scenes left by this typhoon can be seen in a photograph that is going around the world and speaks for itself about the drama that some animals experienced. It is the image of 65 dogs on the roof of a house as they struggled to stay alive after the streets collapsed due to water.

Sadly, an animal shelter was submerged in water due to the ravages experienced by this cyclone in the Asian country last month.

According to local information, Aɱaпda Ramírez, one of the workers at this animal shelter, did everything possible to try to save the lives of these puppies when she noticed the strong winds that were hitting the region.

The employees rushed in before the water filled the building.

“It was terrifying, we were swimming and grabbing whatever we could to survive. We couldn’t let the dogs die inside. We had to survive for the dogs,” Aɱaпda said.

Given the despair of everything that could happen, the staff came up with the idea that the best idea in the midst of this emergency was to take the dogs to the roof . They thought that at least they would not risk drowning when the water finished flooding most of the shelter .

They quickly carried one by one up to the roof. Then the rescuers swam to another building to get to safety .

After spending two days the water subsided and fortunately, the 65 dogs ɱaпaged to get out of the situation safe and sound.


The adoption of these puppies would be the most convenient, however, after being hit by this typhoon, the government office in charge does not have the resources to care for them.

“We don’t have food, water, bowls, or even volunteers, to help feed the animals. We have lost everything. We don’t know where to start. I hope the people help us get up again,” Aɱaпda said.

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