They gather in a corner, sick and abandoned, to provide comfort for one another.

People who work in animal shelters often get unpleasant surprises.

Puppies inside boxes, or puppies tied to the door , as if they were worthless beings. Such was the case with these puppies.

Defenseless, this pair of little brothers huddled together to protect themselves from the cold after being abandoned

The two puppies looked too vulnerable . With a very sweet expression, they huddled together to protect each other.

They had been left outside the shelter when no workers were on the premises. They were probably discarded by their masters because no one wanted them.

Fortunately, the shelter worker got a call about them when someone heard them crying. The volunteer immediately got out of his car and without wasting a second gave the little ones vitamin injections, as well as scabies treatment.

Although the kids don’t quite like the idea of injections and medicines, the truth is that they needed them, as well as their dose of vaccines. The little ones were nervous, but they endured the puncture for their own good.

The puppies calmed down when they felt accompanied by other pets and began to hear kind words. The puppies were able to rest and although a shelter is not compared to a home, at least they were no longer at risk.

The next day, upon further examination, they realized that the pups had ticks.

The puppies were hungry and had mange problems.

The shelter did everything possible to treat them despite their meager resources , also beefing up their daily doses of vitamins. These little ones needed to increase their good health as soon as possible!

In just a few days, the scabies treatment began to show results . Puppies hate it, but the difference began to show and that was the important thing, that the lesions begin to dry up!

Since the lesions aren’t as itchy anymore, the puppies can finally relax, play, and eat . They find all kinds of new friends at the shelter. They are growing a lot every day and are nice and healthy.

Soon they will be big enough to be available for adoption . It’s great to see how much people try to help animals, even though they have such a limited amount of money and resources. They are people of good will, so they deserve the description of heroes.

The puppies are already on the way to having a happier life, with families that know how to care for and love them.

This story is worth spreading not only for the rescue of the puppies and because they are on the way to a better life, but also for the dedication of the people who make it possible… Share!

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