This bird has a fluffy dragon-like appearance.

If you are a fan of fantasy movies, then there must have been so many times when you wished that the mystical animals in them actually existed in real life. Now wouldn’t that have been awesome? Luckily for us, the great eared nightjars appear to be creatures that came right out of a fantasy movie and they are very much real.

The great eared nightjar is a bird found in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. These birds are nocturnal and roam through the forest using the darkness as a cover. One thing that makes them unique is the fact that they prepare their nests on the forest floor, allowing their babies to be well-camouflaged due to all the dried leaves. When focusing on their appearance, these birds are dissimilar to other birds.

The great eared nightjar looks like a fluffy little dragon or a creature from a Harry Potter movie. These birds look absolutely breathtaking and are capable of bringing the fantasy world we love, to life. Although there are other species of nightjar in the world, they are not as unique as the great eared ones that are similar to a little dragon in appearance. It is safe to say that they are one of a kind.

Their brown hue enables them to blend with nature in perfect harmony and their beady eyes add to their adorableness. If someone ever claims to have seen a dragon flying in the sky, we should not dismiss their claim. There is always the possibility that it could have been a great eared nightjar roaming around spreading its magic in the human world. Don’t forget to share this story with your family and friends and make them aware of this mesmerizing bird.

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