This dramatic horse always acts unwell when someone tries to ride it.

A horse is one of the most elegant, fascinating and stately animals in existence. But, not for that reason, on certain occasions they could show a strong character and a funny and disconcerting personality, which leaves many speechless.

Horses are faithful companions and helpers, most of them share freely with humans, as long as they are treated with dignity, but one or the other is born with such a free spirit that they are not even willing to be ridden.

This beautiful horse is a very mischievous little animal.

This is the case with Jingang, a beautiful horse who lives happily on a ranch and has decided forever that work is not his thing, and so every time someone wants to ride him he dramatically throws himself to the ground.

No one will be able to convince him otherwise.

This is how he avoids doing any work. To his fall he adds a couple of other details that make him worthy of competing for an acting award.

Jingang completely plays dead, sticks out his tongue, puts his head down, literally “kicks the bucket”, all for the sake of not working.

He is a master of acting to fake his “death” and thus his inability to work.

The human companions who take care of Jingang have decided to create a video compilation with some of his best falls and so the particular and funny little horse has won the hearts of many.

The video already has more than 23 million views on Facebook alone and has been shared thousands of times.

Without a doubt, Jingang can now compete for an acting award. He already has the recognition of thousands and the love of everyone as well.

She always chooses the perfect time and place to make her performance look as real as possible

“This is the first time I’ve seen a horse do something like this, sometimes they just jump on the ground, but to not work or ride with anyone? How clever, he found just the right way to get rid of that responsibility,” commented one netizen.

In a screenshot of the video that is rolling on social networks we can see Jingang’s little face with her tongue out, impossible not to fall in love.

In the video we can also see how another little horse approaches Jingang and seems to look at him puzzled, it is the funniest thing to see.

That little face of: “I played dead and you believed it”.

And if any rider manages to get on the lazy Jingang don’t think he will stay like that for long, because the horse will throw himself and rider to the ground. The most important thing in the world for him is not to be ridden.

“Quite a free spirit this Jingang, he’s a rebellious beauty, and yes he certainly is a good actor, he even looks to the side to make sure he no longer has anyone around him, clever character,” commented another person.

Watch below the video with which he has stolen everyone’s heart with his witticisms:

“He must get tired of being ridden, they have pains in their backs, his spine feels the same. Poor animals who express themselves that way,” reflected another Youtube user.

Luckily, his humans already have all the patience with this furry companion. They love and accept him as he is, and who knows, Jingang may not be into ranch work but he’s not far away from making them millionaires with his acting skills.

There is no doubt that animals never cease to amaze us with their innocence, candor and unexpected reactions. We hope this majestic animal never lacks the love, respect and protection it deserves.

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