three pals who look after more than fifty stray dogs run out of options and ask for assistance

Helping the most helpless is by far the greatest gesture of love and solidarity that anyone can have, of course, stray dogs are part of those vulnerable beings who often suffer from social injustice and wander from one place to another begging for help.

These three friends have come to have up to 50 dogs in their homes.

Offering them a second chance is something that only kind hearts do, an example of which is three Argentine friends who, despite having to face their own internal wars, have decided to help as many stray dogs as possible .

Mariela, Marisel and Lina is the name of these three warrior women with a giant heart and an infinite love for the furry ones.

They live in Malvinas, Argentina.

They rescue, care for, feed abandoned animals and most importantly, make them part of the family. All the puppies are rescued, each one has a story and a past that many times left scars on them , now they enjoy a roof and a home that gives them happiness.

They went from being sad, injured and hungry stray puppies, to puppies with names, with friends, and three moms willing to do everything for them .

They not only rescue dogs from the streets, they also help kittens.

The beautiful gesture that these three women make is worth admiring, but unfortunately they are running out of resources and now they need the support of all of us to continue with this noble cause.

A local outlet, Todo Noticias (TN) interviewed these brave women with the aim of raising awareness among more people and to join in being part of this beautiful story .

They have a small infirmary that no longer has enough supplies.

Anything they want to collaborate with will change the lives of these furry ones and will help to overlap the burden of Mariela, Marisel and Lina.

They are three animal-loving beings who need our support today . In this regard they comment:

We do what we can. We try to give them the best with how little or how much we have. Sometimes, like now, we can’t do that much and we have to ask for help . When you have animals, everything works, warm clothes, diapers, whatever they can”.

All the rescued puppies live in the house of one of them , which implies a great expense, especially food, to date 24 puppies are safe in the house , of which six do not walk, two wear diapers and three are alone in kennels to prevent them from getting hurt as they have strong injuries.

Due to the pandemic, Mariela was left without a job and without resources to continue helping , but this does not stop her, she offers private classes in exchange for a donation for the puppies.

This beautiful gesture of love needs to be heard by the rest of the world.

These brave women rescue puppies that are crippled, blind, with major injuries and of course healthy, but all in street conditions.

Their love for puppies is not limited only to those they protect at home, they also feed all those who are still homeless on the streets .

These animals today more than ever need a helping hand.

Unfortunately, there are many stray dogs in their community, but they need everyone’s support to be able to continue offering these puppies second chances and completely transform their lives.

One of the ways to support these generous and brave women is by sharing their story. Applaud their work and spread it in your networks.

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