Three species of squid have been labeled as giant monsters since birth, instilling fear in us

In ancient times, “giant squid” was a common term used to describe the “Death deities” beyond the sea through folk tales, legends, or the accounts of sailors.

This is not entirely unfounded, as beneath the deep sea, there truly exist squid species monstrous enough to evoke fear in us.

Let’s take a look at the colossal squid, giant squid, and Bigfin squid – all deserving of the label “sea monsters.”

  1. Colossal Squid

The colossal squid, scientifically known as Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, inhabits the cold waters surrounding the seas of the Antarctic.

Estimates suggest that the colossal squid can reach lengths of around 14 meters and weigh up to 750 kilograms, making it the largest known cephalopod in the world.

The largest recorded specimen of a colossal squid was found off the coast of New Zealand, measuring 14.5 meters in length and weighing up to 495 kilograms.

In addition to its massive body, the eyes of this squid species are honored as the largest in the animal kingdom, with a diameter of up to 30-40 centimeters and pupils over 10 centimeters in size.

Unlike other squid species, the suction cups of the colossal squid are equipped with sharp hooks, making it even more formidable and powerful in the deep sea.

  1. Giant Squid

One of the most legendary sea monsters often mentioned is the Kraken – a sea monster described by some as resembling a giant squid (some describe the Kraken as resembling an octopus).

The Kraken has been the subject of many sea tales since the 1180s. It is said to reach lengths of up to 2,500 meters and create terrifyingly large whirlpools, easily sinking ships.

Scientists have sought to prove the existence of the Kraken, and to date, the closest known species to it is the giant squid (Architeuthis spp.).

The giant squid, belonging to the genus Architeuthis, is the second-largest mollusk in the world and one of the largest invertebrates. While reports claim lengths of up to 20 meters, the largest specimen found was only 10 meters long, weighing 275 kilograms.

Experts suggest that giant squids inhabit all the world’s oceans, with the most common sightings near continents and islands in the North and South Atlantic, around Japan in the North Pacific, and in the Southwest Pacific.

  1. Bigfin Squid

While not possessing impressive sizes like the aforementioned squids, the Bigfin squid deserves its place among the ocean’s bizarre sea monsters due to its seemingly endless “arms.”

The Bigfin squid is considered quite mysterious due to its rarity, and scientists have limited information about this unique invertebrate.

These squids appear randomly through footage from some deep-sea explorations, exhibiting a vastly different appearance from other squid species due to their extremely long and thin “tentacles.”

Specifically, these tentacles are estimated to be 15-20 times the length of the body. Scientists predict that the total length of this squid species could reach 8 meters or more.

Some reports also note that the “sea monster” squid has been found at depths below 2,000 meters underwater. However, no intact specimen has been recorded yet.

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