Touching Blankets: How They Promote the Healthy Growth of Orphaned Elephants

At the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Nairobi Nursery, vibrant blankets draped over trees, fences, and enclosures provide much-needed comfort to orphaned elephants.

These blankets, meticulously cleaned and handled with care, are critical in offering warmth and emotional support to the young elephants as they undergo rehabilitation.

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Unlike elephants in the wild, orphaned elephants at the Nairobi Nursery lack the natural protection of a herd and mother, making them vulnerable to harsh weather and pneumonia.

The colorful blankets act as substitutes, providing warmth and shelter that mimic the natural protection they miss, instilling a sense of security.

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Caregivers at the nursery strategically use these blankets to ensure the orphans’ well-being. They offer warmth on cold nights and double as raincoats to shield the young elephants from rain.

During feeding times, the blankets mimic the comforting warmth of a mother’s embrace, creating a nurturing atmosphere.

Some elephants form strong attachments to their blankets, finding emotional comfort in their presence.

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While these blankets are vital for the orphans’ care, the weaning process gently encourages the young elephants to detach as they mature and prepare for reintroduction into the wild.

The blankets symbolize more than just physical warmth—they represent the caregivers’ dedication to fostering a nurturing environment.

Through thoughtful and innovative methods, the caregivers ensure the orphans receive the love and care needed to overcome the challenges of becoming self-reliant elephants in Tsavo National Park.

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