Touching Camaraderie: K-9 Canine Cherishes Infant Human Sister, Sharing an Indestructible Connection.


We frequently see police dogs following down criminals or sniffing out drugs. They’re so terrifying that everyone gets afraid around them. Even when I haven’t done anything wrong or packed anything illegal, I become scared when a police canine sniffs my bags at the airport.

Do you ever wonder what happens when police canines and their partners or handlers are off duty? The Clinton Police Department’s K9 team includes a police dog named Sonny. He’s a gigantic German Shepherd with a frightening appearance. When he’s in a police cruiser with his partner, handler, and father, Jason, he’s laser-focused on catching crooks.

When Sonny is at home, though, he turns off and transforms into a completely another dog. Jason’s small daughter is so adored by Sonny that he lets her play with him. Sonny spends his days caring for his human baby sister at home. He lets her bury herself in his silky fur, play with his toes, and embrace his face.

When Jason and his wife had their daughter, they were first very worried. They were unsure of Sonny’s reaction. When they introduced their daughter to Sonny, though, he fell in love with her right away and was extremely gentle with her. Sonny adores his human baby sister and acts as if he is a gigantic mush when she is around.

To his human infant sister, Sonny acts as a protective and playful big brother. Sonny is also a favorite of Jason’s daughter. She would stare at and touch images of Sonny and her father whenever Sonny was at work with Jason. Sonny is a darling to their daughter, and Jason and his family are quite proud of him.

Jason is now expecting a second daughter. Sonny, he believes, would make an excellent big brother for both of his kids. When a gruff police dog is near his human infant sister, he transforms into an adorable darling in this cute video.

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