Two new canine staffers are moving customers at a petrol station.

Summer has arrived and along with it, the high temperatures begin to wreak havoc. The number of dogs left to fend for themselves by humans who don’t know what to do with them is increasing considerably.

Some will hopefully be found and taken to shelters, however, others will meet a tragic end. Most have suffered unworthy, cruel treatment, and have even been exploited . They too deserve a second chance and to be in a home where they are valued, cared for and loved.

Marrón and Polenta are the exalted hosts of a YPF service station located in the neighborhood of Progreso, Argentina. They are the ones in charge of warmly welcoming customers and making sure they leave with a smile. A job they do a thousand wonders.

And it is that this pair of creatures have the ability to lift their spirits by being sadder , as long as they receive a little affection and affection in return. It does not matter if we have had a bad day, as soon as you see them wag their tails like crazy with happiness, the whole panorama changes, it clears up.

The station is located on the Provincial Route N° 4 km

The truth is that their owners seem to have perfectly understood the important role that human beings play in the care and well-being of other more vulnerable beings, which is why they have decided not only to adopt them, but also to offer them a good job .

In addition, they have been given their own uniforms so they don’t get cold while doing their beautiful and (especially these days) much-needed work.

“Brown and Polenta, have quickly become part of the family of the workers of the compound and the biggest attraction of the place,” said the owner of the gas station.

After a few months of sporadic visits by the dogs to the gas station, its employees made the decision to take them off the streets and add them to the staff that attends to anyone who needs to stop to refuel and take a breath.

And it is that this pair of sensational furry ones make the visit of the clients a much more pleasant experience . The photographs of the adorable animals in their uniforms conquered thousands of people on various social networks, grateful for the care and affection they are giving these noble creatures.

“This is why it hurts even more to see that some puppies suffer abuse and abandonment by people who did not know how to take advantage of them as the great life companions they are,” said one of Marrón and Polenta’s companions.

Thanks to the good heart of these people, these two cute little animals that knew nothing but suffering and loneliness, today have food, water and a good home insured , as well as a very specific and fundamental job: to raise the spirits of anyone who stops by. at the service station, without distinction.

Their bright custom uniforms deck them out and identify them as loyal employees ready to solve any emotional problem that comes their way.

Share this beautiful story. Remember that there are many shelters that run out of space for new dogs; You can also give up your house and live with these tenants until they are adopted. Most likely, you will end up adopting, without being able to say goodbye to them.

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