Two snakes were observed by Fantasy Nature moving in an odd manner within the deep jungle

After hibernation, snakes come out to work, warm up, and feed. In March, male and female snakes find each other to pair up. They often follow closely together, move together, collide, raise the front of the body or entangle each other. In biology, this phenomenon is called copulation, consisting of procedural actions aimed at stimulating each other before mating. Snakes (Ptyas korros) have collective intercourse, 4-5 male snakes follow a female snake, gather in a group, and curl up together for about 10 minutes on the tree.

When mating, the female snake lifts her tail so that the male snake presses the acupoint to the female snake’s point, the mating organs from both sides of the male snake’s grave turn out with many spines to hold the female snake; Sperm from the male snake through the pit into the fallopian tube of the female snake. Mating time lasts for many hours.

Experiments show that during the breeding season, female snakes secrete a fluid that attracts male snakes, male snakes use their eyes, nose, and Jacobson organs to detect traces of finding female snakes. Some snakes mate several times during the breeding season. Snakes also have a slow fertilization phenomenon, after only one mating, sperm live long in the fallopian tubes, fertilization of eggs takes place many times. Unfortunately, this has not been studied in our country.

Female snakes carry eggs because the eggs grow fast, so the snake moves slowly. In the rearing conditions due to high density, if they go together with other snakes in a narrow burrow, it is easy to break eggs. When catching a pregnant snake, it should be gentle and careful so as not to adversely affect the snake and the eggs inside. It is better to keep the female snake separately during the egg-bearing period.

Lay egg

Most snakes do not nest, but choose a quiet and safe place such as an earth cave, tree hole, foot of dike or under bushes or mounds to lay. The number of eggs laid per year is from 2 to 5 eggs in side-fronted snakes, cobras, black-necked dragons; Most snakes lay a few dozen eggs, pythons lay 80-100 eggs. Some species know how to put litter in the spawning grounds.

Many snake species do not have the habit of protecting and taking care of eggs. A few species such as cobra, king tiger, after laying, know how to pile eggs and then wrap them around the nest to incubate; Incubation time depends on species, usually from 56-80 days, rarely leaves the nest and is often more aggressive and reacts more aggressively than when feeding.

Giving birth

Some snakes do not lay eggs, but give birth, including the following species: lead-laying snakes, ring-laying snakes (sea snakes), red two-headed snakes, calendar snakes, water lily snakes, lead-bearing snakes, Chinese snakes, bearded snakes , elephant rattlesnake, white-rimmed viper, green viper. Needle-laying snakes only give birth to 1 child per litter, rattlesnakes give birth to 8 babies, rattlesnakes in brackish waters in the South give birth to 32 babies.

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