Unconditional love: After saving her life, a loyal dog refuses to leave her mother’s side

Dogs are without a doubt the most devoted creatures on the planet. And a photo that just went viral – a service dog refusing to leave her mother’s hospital bed – exemplifies this unconditional love and dedication.

But this remarkable bond began when Shauna Darcy decided that a puppy would aid her in her never-ending battle with anxiety. And she wasn’t entirely wrong. Because it was love at first sight with Ruby. And the adorable canine has shown to be more than just a service dog. Shauna earned a buddy without even realizing it when she got Ruby. It’s true!

“While she was training to be a service dog I noticed that she started picking up on changes in my heart rate and would act funny,” Shauna told the Dodo. “For example, paw at me, try to get my attention, get on top of me [and other stuff like that].”

In other words, Ruby is Shauna’s own guardian angel. Every every moment, she is there for her adoptive mother. Shauna’s blood pressure and heart rate are also monitored on a regular basis, as she suffers from vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare heart disorder. More than that, during her panic episodes, this unique assists her human companion by carrying groceries or picking up fallen goods.

“When I pass asleep, she jumps on top of me and puts all her weight on me, licking my hands and face until I wake up,” the young woman explained.

Ruby saved her mother’s life only a few days ago. She began to warn Shauna that something was wrong. Despite her pleasant mood, the young woman opted to follow Ruby’s intuition and phoned an ambulance. She explained, “It turns out my heart was moving into atrial fibrillation.” “I was in excruciating pain and barely conscious by the time the paramedics arrived.”

Shauna is able to take a deep breath again thanks to her devoted and unique dog. Ruby’s loyalty, however, does not deter her. While in the hospital, she refused to leave her mother’s side. Shauna is convinced that her and Ruby’s unusual link was the one who saved her life. “Without her, I wouldn’t be alive,” she claimed.

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