Unconditional Love: The Moving Account of a Golden Retriever’s Daily Quest to Give Complete Strangers Over Two Hours of Comforting Hugs

Introducing Louboutina, the charming golden retriever affectionately known as Loubie, whose mission is to spread love and joy to hearts around the world. Nestled in the heart of Chelsea, New York City, Loubie has become an ambassador of love, captivating everyone with her endearing habit of giving hugs.

As a golden retriever, Loubie naturally embodies the friendly and gentle nature that makes this breed a cherished family companion. Yet, she takes her affectionate demeanor to extraordinary heights.

Every day, Louboutina dedicates a minimum of two hours to showering strangers with her warm and loving hugs. These outings, described by her owner Fernandez-Chavez, are more than mere walks—they are love-filled strolls, a true labor of devotion.

Golden retrievers are known for their selfless devotion, and Louboutina exemplifies this quality magnificently. Recipients of her hugs often attest to her incredible ability to turn a challenging day into a brighter one. Whether you’ve had a rough day at work or simply crave a heartwarming pick-me-up, a hug from Louboutina might be the remedy you seek.

Louboutina’s journey as a love ambassador began around Valentine’s Day in 2014, a poignant period when her owner was healing from a breakup. Starting by holding hands, Loubie gradually progressed to sitting up and tenderly grasping wrists with both paws, crossing one over the other. It was as if she intuited how to offer solace and companionship when it was needed most.

Fernandez-Chavez humorously recalls telling friends on Valentine’s Day that at least he had someone to hold hands with—thanks to Loubie. However, he now understands that Louboutina’s mission extends beyond comforting him; it’s about sharing warmth and love with the world. Loubie is a reminder that everyone deserves a hug, illustrating the profound impact of a simple, heartfelt embrace.

In a world often overshadowed by divisions and challenges, Louboutina’s loving spirit stands as a beacon of hope. She reminds us that a little more love and kindness can make a significant difference.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this beautiful and sweet dog whose magnificent spirit touches the hearts of everyone she meets. Louboutina, your mission of spreading love, one hug at a time, is truly admired and cherished by all fortunate enough to encounter you. Thank you for being a source of love and joy in our world!

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