Unveiling 7 Obscure “Spanking” Artists You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

eгotіс art depicting flagellation dates back to the pornographic

In the two articles I added earlier ( Part 1 / Part 2 ) on the enthralling pornographic art of Senju (Stockholm, 1968) we only took a close look at some of my personal favorites from his collection. Therefore I..

ancient Roman frescoes, notably those from Pompeii. But the graphic flagellation and spanking books that swamped the underground book market in Europe and America in the late 19th century marked the beginning of mass-produced corporal рᴜпіѕһmeпt erotica.

The seven obscure spanking artists below are all from the European

In this probably ᴜпіqᴜe and distinguishing Japanese shunga   surimono (commissioned print) Shigenobu portrays his sensual participants, a European couple, as godlike figures (the female is stunningly beautiful) set..

continent (and mainly France)…

1) Ely Costes

Ely Costes was an illustrator of French spanking novels in the 1930s. Jéo is probably a pseudonym of the same artist.

Books (co) illustrated by this artist:

Miss Cravache ou Les Vierges esclaves,  1930 (second edition in 1932)Dressage, 1931Bagne de Femmes, 1931 (сoⱱeг was done by Ely Costes, other artworks by Carlo)Le Harem

When I was doing some research to prepare for this post I was looking for what would be considered the ultimate male ѕex fantasy. According to one of the articles I саme across (you can find it here ) among the most..

 de l’épouvante, 1930 (сoⱱeг was done by Ely Costes)Esclavage ou L’Agonie sous le fouet, 1932 (one artwork, other art by Carlo)

Fig.1. Esclavage (1932)

Fig.2. Colored Dressage


2) Davanzo

~ Date of birth unknown

Davanzo was a spanking artist from the period of early 20th century French spanking literature, working for Collection des Orties Blanches.

Davanzo illustrated the following works:

Iréne et son esclave (first printed in December 1933,and reissued in 1934)Education de Chérubin (1934)

It is mentioned that Davanzo could be the same as Wighead, both perhaps being the Italian artist Mario Laboccetta, using the pseudonym Marilac.

Fig.4.  Education de Cherubin (1934)

Fig.5. Education de Cherubin (1934)

Fig.6. Education de Cherubin (1934)

Fig.7. Education de Cherubin (1934)

3) J.B de Lapin

There is nearly nothing to find for this artist. Jean-Pierre Dutel mentions Lapin was living in Eastern Europe around 1920, perhaps in Prague and the artist may have been Czech. There is one book known as illustrated by Lapin: Les erreurs de l’amour (Fig.8 to 11), which was published in 1926.





4) Bal-Tit

The only book known that was illustrated by this artist is Le Joug Seducteur, (Fig.12 to 15), written by Rene Michel Desergy and published in 1938 by Imprimerie de Saint-Denis Dagniaux.






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