“(Video) Defying the Odds: The Miraculous Strength of the Half-Skull Boy.”

Some people believe that the Brandon and his wife are “selfish” in not having an abortion. The father replied sincerely: “It was both of us, and we only had that choice” – Photo: Facebook Jaxon Emmett Buell was born on August 27, 2014 with a major defect in his brain and skull.

According to CNN, doctors informed her mother, 27-year-old Brittany and father, 30-year-old Brandon Buell, who live in Tavares, Florida, USA, that their son would not be able to live past a few weeks. But a year later, the boy smiled with his parents to celebrate his first birthday. Jaxon’s case is a magical exception.

At 17 weeks of pregnancy, after multiple diagnoses, Jaxon was diagnosed with a rare congenital syndrome called Microhydranencephaly (a serious brain defect with no known cure) that left him missing most of his brain and skull.

No one thought the boy would survive. Doctors recommend an abortion at 23 weeks because according to statistics in the US, about 1 in 4,859 babies are born each year, there is a case of this syndrome, most of which die soon after birth. But Jaxon’s parents were still determined to let him be born.

The boy’s Facebook account, Jaxon Strong, attracted more than 200,000 followers, and the GoFundMe fund received nearly 100,000 USD in donations to support Jaxon’s medical expenses and family expenses so that Brandon and his wife could spend time with the baby. Mr Brandon said: ‘Jaxon cannot feed himself, but is supported by a feeding tube. That’s her only difference from other babies.”

However, the father is still very optimistic: “The baby is quite small, 13 months old, he currently weighs only about 5.4kg. Baby is still developing. She cries, asks to go to the toilet, and needs diaper changes just like any other normal baby. Jaxon is almost perfect.”

However, some people criticized the Brandon couple for being “selfish” when they let the baby be born. Mr Brandon responded sincerely on his Facebook page: “Having a baby is a choice for both of us, and we only have that choice. Killing your own child is a crime. The child’s illness is not a reason for an abortion.”Both Jaxon’s parents knew they needed a miracle for the time to come. Strong faith is helping them get through each day with the desire to give the little angel the best.

Some pictures of boy Jaxon:

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