Warm moment: Dog plunges into river to save kitten, making millions of hearts melt (Video)

Many people believe that cats and dogs cannot get along, but three-year-old Jessie has developed an unbreakable bond with Koda, a 4-month-old rescue kitten.

The canine companions reside with Emily Aubrecht in Alberta, Canada, and they adore going on adventures together more than anything else. The couple can be seen together in the adorable photos exploring a section of the Canadian wilderness.

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Koda even succeeds in “sticking” to Jessie’s back while taking a stroll. Jessie likes bike trips, hikes, and swimming, and she is extremely vivacious and friendly, according to Emily.

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Koda is also exuberant and chaotic. He enjoys chasing feather toys, playing outside, and eating wet food.

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Due to a home’s overcrowding issue, Emily adopted Koda. Koda and Jessie “instantly connected; she must have assumed she was her baby.”

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Koda was also quite polite to Jessie right away and never snarled or did anything else. They frequently spend time together napping and playing, said Emily. She continued, “They go on adventures together and especially love going to the river or the pet store.”

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