“What Happens When a Submarine Implodes”


W??n ? s??m??in? im?l???s, it ?x???i?nc?s ? c?t?st????ic st??ct???l ??il??? ??? t? t?? ?xt??n?l w?t?? ???ss??? ?v??w??lmin? t?? int??n?l ???ss??? ?? t?? s??m??in?. T?is ?v?nt c?n ?? ?i??l? ??st??ctiv? ?n? ??n?????s ??? t?? s??m??in? ?n? its c??w. H???’s w??t ?????ns ???in? ?n im?l?si?n:

How a Submarine Implusion looks like. : r/Damnthatsinteresting

Ext??n?l W?t?? P??ss???: As s??m??in?s ?iv? ?????? int? t?? ?c??n, t??? ?nc??nt?? inc???sin? w?t?? ???ss??? ???m t?? s?????n?in? s??. S??m??in?s ??? ??ilt t? wit?st?n? t??s? ???ss???s ?? t? c??t?in ???t?s.

H?ll Int???it?: T?? s??m??in?’s ??ll is ??si?n?? t? ??n?l? t?? ???ss??? ?i?????nti?l ??tw??n t?? insi?? ?n? ??tsi?? ?? t?? v?ss?l. T?? ???ss??? insi?? t?? s??m??in? is m?int?in?? ?t ? l?v?l t??t ???v?nts t?? ??ll ???m c?ll??sin? inw???.

C?itic?l D??t?: I? ? s??m??in? ?xc???s its c??s? ???t?, w?ic? is t?? m?xim?m ???t? it c?n s???l? ?iv? wit???t ?x???i?ncin? st??ct???l ??il???, t?? ?xt??n?l w?t?? ???ss??? ??c?m?s t?? ????t ??? t?? ??ll t? wit?st?n?.

Im?l??in? H?ll: W??n t?? ?xt??n?l ???ss??? ?xc???s t?? st??n?t? ?? t?? s??m??in?’s ??ll, t?? ??ll c?n c?ll??s? ?? im?l???. T?is s????n ?n? vi?l?nt c?ll??s? c?n l??? t? t?? c?t?st????ic ??il??? ?? t?? ?nti?? s??m??in?’s st??ct???.

D???is ?n? C??w: D??in? ?n im?l?si?n, t?? s??m??in?’s int??n?l c?m??n?nts, ???i?m?nt, ?n? s?st?ms m?? ?? c??s??? ?? ??st?????. A??iti?n?ll?, t?? im?l?si?n c?n l??? t? t?? ??l??s? ?? ????is, w?ic? c?n ??s? ? ?isk t? t?? s???t? ?? t?? c??w insi?? t?? s??m??in?.

Submarine Implosion + Sinking Simulation of the ARA San Juan | Similar: KRI  Nanggala 402, Titan - YouTube

D??t? R?sc??: In t?? ?v?nt ?? ?n im?l?si?n, it is ?xc??ti?n?ll? c??ll?n?in? t? ??????m ? ??sc?? ?????ti?n ??? t? t?? ???t? ?t w?ic? t?? s??m??in? is s??m?????. S??m??in?s t??ic?ll? ?????t? in ???? w?t??s, ?n? ??sc?? ?tt?m?ts m?? n?t ?? ???si?l? in tim? t? s?v? t?? c??w.

Im?l?si?ns in s??m??in?s ??? ?xt??m?l? ???? ?n? ??? ??n???ll? c??s?? ?? ?xt??m? ?n? ?n????s??n ci?c?mst?nc?s, s?c? ?s ?cci??nts ?? m?l??ncti?ns ???in? ????-s?? ?iv?s. T?? v?st m?j??it? ?? s??m??in? ?????ti?ns ??? c?n??ct?? wit?in s??? ???t? limits, ?n? t?? ??lls ??? ??ilt t? wit?st?n? t?? ???ss???s t??? ?nc??nt?? ???in? n??m?l ?????ti?ns.

ARA San Juan Simulation Dev Reel (Sim Failures & Glitches) - YouTube

T?? st??ct???l int???it? ?? s??m??in?s is ? c?itic?l ?s??ct ?? t??i? ??si?n ?n? c?nst??cti?n, ?n? st?in??nt s???t? m??s???s ??? in ?l?c? t? ?ns??? t?? s???t? ?? s??m??in??s ???in? t??i? missi?ns. A??iti?n?ll?, s??m??in?s ??? ???i???? wit? s???t? ?n? ?m????nc? s?st?ms t? ??l? ???v?nt ?cci??nts ?n? ?ns??? t?? c??w’s s??viv?l in c?s? ?? ?n????s??n ?v?nts.

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