When a woman approaches with an expression of affection, the street dog begins to cry.

The daily life of a puppy on the street is full of many difficulties. Many look forward to the help of a human but the sad reality is that most of the time they are simply ignored and left to their own devices.

What they suffer out in the open, in desolation and abandonment, is the saddest thing to see. Especially these days, when the cold begins to get harsh in the middle of the continent. And the inhospitable climate can become a real threat to their lives.

The case of a puppy in the city of Jinzhong, China,  has left many reflecting on what it means for a homeless animal to receive an unexpected gesture of support.

The furry was wandering the streets . Apparently, he used to make a curious sign to ask humans for help and when a woman saw him he couldn’t resist.

The puppy tried to do whatever it took to get the attention of any human

The puppy would sit on its hind legs and raise its front legs to attract people’s attention . The woman, whose name has not been revealed, decided to stop and looked for some food to give him.

“My friends and I were going to a park when we found the puppy. He was crying and asking for food, ”explained the woman.

The beautiful little dog could not imagine that he would finally be able to capture the attention of the good woman.

The pup’s reaction when he finally got something to eat left everyone heartbroken. His eyes showed enormous gratitude and for a few moments he seemed to show tears of happiness.

“I don’t understand how there are people who say that animals don’t have feelings,” said one netizen.

It was so much what he had suffered in the solitude of the streets and fearing an uncertain future, that this gesture of generosity with him made the poor puppy cry.

Her tears rolling down her cheeks move anyone

It was evident that he was not used to receiving help and that he was desperate for food. The woman was so moved by the furry’s reaction that she tried to take him with her.

“I tried to put him in the car but he refused and jumped back out into the street,” the woman said.

Despite the fact that she wanted to give him a better life, the poor puppy was unable to trust

The next day, the woman couldn’t stop thinking about that little dog and all the emotion he had shown. She returned to the street where she had given him something to eat and walked around the area hoping to find him again.

Unfortunately, it was all in vain. The furry was nowhere to be found. His friends believe that the puppy may have been scared into thinking that they would put him in the car to kidnap him.

“I was afraid we were going to kidnap him. Those people usually act like that. Dogs have learned to distrust humans for their own good,” the woman said.

In this video you can see the emotional moment in which the street dog cries when the woman unknown to him finally feeds him:

Some people in China used to lure street dogs with treats and then put them in a car to catch them.

The sad fate of these furry ones is usually the black meat market . We hope that the young woman does not give up and continues looking for him. The look on her face was a clear sign that she needed a lot of help.

Stopping for a few seconds to help a puppy in distress can save them. Do not hesitate to provide them with some food and contact the nearest rescuers!

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