When an American mother shared a picture of her child on social media, many people criticized her, saying the youngster was ugly, but she didn’t care

Today, social media connects us and helps us share glimpses of our daily lives, especially those precious moments with our little ones. But for one courageous mom, sharing pictures of her son has taken on a deeper significance, and she’s determined to discuss it.

© risewithraedynhayz / InstagramNatasha is a young woman embarking on the profound journey of motherhood. Like countless other proud mothers, she delights in showcasing images and videos of her beloved one-year-old son, Raedyn, on social media.

However, her experience is truly set apart by her steadfastly handling mean comments and online criticism about her son’s appearance. Natasha stands tall and responds to those who criticize, “I won’t stop… My son’s unique appearance does not define his worth, he is simply perfect.”

© risewithraedynhayz / Instagram

Little Raedyn was born with Pfeiffer syndrome, which can cause differences in how his skull, face, and limbs look. Yet, in Natasha’s eyes, he’s a precious gem, and that’s why she wholeheartedly shares pictures of her lovely boy whenever she can.

Besides the unkindness of online trolls, Natasha also faces insensitive comments in real life. People she encounters in public can be indiscreet, asking inappropriate questions about her son’s appearance, which she thinks is a deeply improper way to treat someone.

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