When he discovers his missing pet in a hole in the ground, he breaks down in tears.

A pet is one more member of the family, it is an important being in the lives of its owners and everything that happens to it directly affects the emotions and feelings of its loved ones.

Alan Whitton, 49, is a coach, collapsed  after finding Mitzi, his beloved pet, who had been missing for two days , in a hole .

This moment was captured in a video that was broadcast on the networks, they really are images loaded with a lot of emotion and that have captivated thousands of users.

It all happened when one morning Alan took Mitzi for a walk through Knighton Wood and they were surprised with a Basset Hound dog and Mitzi fled in terror until she disappeared.

Alan spent the rest of the day frantically searching for his beloved pet , until he finally left the area at 6:30 p.m.

Terrified that Mitzi had been caught and injured, Alan continued his search through the woods for the next few days without rest.

After being forced to take a lunch break, he received a call from a woman dog walker to tell him that her pet had been sniffing out a fox hole in the woods. Alan revealed that he dropped everything and rushed to the location to investigate.

He picked up one of Mitzi’s toys to rattle out of the hole to see if there was any reaction.

In response, he heard a slight moan and immediately began to dig tirelessly with the help of the woman who had called him.

Miraculously , 50 hours after he disappeared, Alan was reunited with his pet.

The images show when Alan takes his dog out of the hole and snuggles her against his chest as if his soul had returned to his body while he explodes in emotional tears.

“I broke down, I was overwhelmed with joy and disbelief, I had begun to lose hope.”

Alan described this rescue as a “Christmas miracle”.

“It was like a Christmas miracle, the whole time I felt like I was living a nightmare that I couldn’t wake up from.”

Fortunately, Mitzi was uninjured , only needing to remove a few ticks after visiting the vet.

Alan said the first thing he did after having Mitzi home was open a pack of vegan hot dogs to celebrate. He added that  he will buy Mitzi a GPS collar so he can track her.

Alan thanked the neighbors for their solidarity and offered free training sessions  to those who have participated in the rescue of their beloved pet. He expressed that they restored his faith in humanity.

Alan says that this ordeal has taught him “to take nothing for granted” and to “love big and love big.” Do not stop sharing this great learning that this emotional rescue leaves us.

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