When Puppy buys apples for his family, he discovers that they want to con him.

Having a puppy at home is having another member of the family , it is no secret to anyone that they are one of the most noble and highly intelligent pets that can exist, their cunning surprises us more and more with something new and different.

Those who have a puppy at home create a strong bond with them, there are even studies that show that living with a puppy increases happiness levels .

Little dog goes to buy fruit as if it were just another person.

The Affinity Foundation , dedicated to supporting the care and adoption of puppies and cats, carried out a study in which it intends to demonstrate the benefits of having a furry friend at home . The investigation revealed impressive data, among them, that 31% of people confessed to having a greater emotional bond with their pets than with their friends .

There are many times that the bond between people and dogs has been studied, which allows us to continue discovering all the advantages of having a furry friend at home.

The puppy deposits an orange basket in front of the lady who sells apples.

In addition to all the benefits that living with a puppy implies , they can be of great support, not only as earthly furry angels acting as the best guardians, or as emotional support for people with some special condition.

They can be the best shopping companions , showing us once again their great intelligence.

An example of this is an adorable puppy that went viral after a video was released in which he was seen shopping as if he were a person .

The video is just under a minute long, but that’s enough time to watch the German Shepherd mix come in with a basket to buy some fruit . The beautiful ball of fur walks through the crowd and stops in front of the lady who sells apples in an avenue, places the basket on the ground and waits to be served.

The kind lady takes some apples and puts them on the weight, then deposits them in the puppy’s basket, who is attentive to every movement the lady makes .

The woman puts half a dozen apples in the basket and takes the bill that the owner of the dog placed to pay for the fruit, in turn, deposits the corresponding change next to the order placed .

However, the puppy does not seem to be very happy with his request, and decides to take one more apple from the ones on display with his snout , then carefully puts it in the basket and proceeds to leave the place.

The video clip shared on networks quickly went viral , Internet users around the world did not hesitate to comment, there are those who decide that the puppy realized that an apple was missing and simply took it, others that he wanted a kind of tip for his purchase.

Some of the most popular comments read:

“They are so smart, they just need to talk, that’s why I love them.”

Someone else commented:

“I rather think that the lady gives him a little apple as a gift. The furry ones are my life and the puppy with her friend is super cute for me ”.

Another user said:

“Dogs are the most intelligent animals of the lord’s creation.”

This beautiful video reminds us that puppies are extraordinary beings with great intelligence . They not only show us that they are cute, loyal and super intelligent, but also the best allies for purchases.

Once again these wonderful beings show us that their love and intelligence have no limits.

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