When they discovered him, he was blind, broken, and covered in knots as he lay on a sidewalk. He also lacked any will to survive.

Bob, a medium-sized puppy with small ears and eyes black as oil, was doomed to die . The unfortunate canine was desolate, with its fur tangled in wire, lying in a corner, motionless, forgotten by all. His barking saved her life.

The situation of this puppy became known to the pro-animal non-profit organization, Proyecto 4 Patas; Once they received the alert, they immediately got to work to get the little animal out of its predicament. Besides, he was blind and hungry for food , but even more for affection.

Unlike the other animals that are found in corners, dejected and terrified like Bob, with the arrival of the volunteers his face changed and he was happy as perhaps he had not been in a long time.

“He wouldn’t stop barking. She moved from one side to the other. I was looking for affection and affection , ”said the activist of Proyecto 4 Patas, identified as Germán Caro.

The event occurred in a sector close to the Argentine city of Morón, west of Buenos Aires, capital of the southern country, the place where this organization operates thanks to which Bob is in good health today and is completely happy with a new family that welcomed as one more member.

There are no words that can describe the state Bob was in

Caro took over and, together with her father, they went to the indicated place. Upon arrival, his eyes could not believe the deplorable state in which the animal was found, so they photographed it to attract attention and make it visible on their social networks .

“Bob, when we rescued him on the street and he didn’t look like a dog . THAT immense was the injustice that was committed against this innocent animal ”, reads next to the image of Bob.

Both rescuers wrapped him in a cloth to try to alleviate the pain he felt as a result of the multiple lacerations on his body , especially at the waist and legs. Once they managed to get him off the ground, they put him in a vehicle headed for the pet shelter.

There they checked him in detail to rule out any other injury and, indeed, there were some small cuts on his back caused by the wire fence on which he was found , and from which he could be released very slowly, taking care not to hurt him further.

“Between his fur he had branches, wires, it was a tremendous thing. Also, she couldn’t stand up, much less walk. Of course, we managed to get him to eat a little, drink water and let him rest for a while . It was noticeable that he had not done it for a long time, ”said Germán.

In the examination, the doctors also discovered his blindness: he had very advanced cataracts, in addition to various fractures that prevented him from walking. During the process, the association published an incredible video showing how they formed a new dog with the dreadlocks that were cut off.

However, fortunately and despite the horror he experienced, thanks to the rescue he is recovering, little by little, but satisfactorily.

He has already started to walk, after months of physical therapy. He also underwent surgery for his ophthalmological condition. He has gained a lot of weight and he looks full of life, but the best thing is that he began to regain his lost trust in humans when a young woman named Nicole, as soon as she saw him on social networks, fell in love and adopted him.

Share this story of the “before” and “after” in Bob’s life; is that seeing him letting himself be caressed or going for a walk is something unique that comforts our spirit, a wonderful thing done by extraordinary people.

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